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07 Jul 2022 – With just over two years until breaking debuts at the Olympic Games Paris 2024, the new five-part Breaking Life series documents its evolution from community artform to competitive sport, as told by B-Girls and B-Boys around the world. All episodes are available to watch worldwide from today (7 July) at 

Each of the five Olympic Channel produced episodes in the docuseries follows individual breaking dancers and their communities across the USA, France, Colombia, India and Senegal, as they reveal the unique breaking culture of their city, through their personal stories, from its history and dancing styles to how it entwines with local life. The B-Girls and B-Boys also touch on what it means for them to see the sport joining the Olympic programme and their hopes for competing at the Olympic Games as their road to Paris 2024 approaches.

Breaking will make its Olympic debut at Paris 2024, where 32 B-Girls and B-Boys will face off in solo battles in separate men’s and women’s competitions. Breaking’s Olympic Qualifier season begins next year, and will be part of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s multi-discipline, festival-style Olympic Qualifier Series starting in 2024.

From NYC to Alaska, meet breaking’s pioneers and US champion

Breaking Life begins in New York City, the birthplace of the global movement, to discover its origin in The Bronx and surrounding boroughs with first- and second-generation B-Boys Cholly Rock and Glyde, before heading across the country to Anchorage, Alaska, where dancers at the top of their game, Ives Viray and crewmate Jermz, introduce modern Alaskan breaking culture.

We’ll see breaking evolve from a street dance, now it is going to be looked at worldwide by people who don’t even know breakingIcey Ives US champion

French breakers set the scene for Paris 2024

France is one of the biggest countries for breaking, hosting over a thousand battles every year. One of its ambassadors, Mounir Biba, discusses its journey to the Paris 2024 programme. B-Boy Dany Dann shares his story while competing at the WDSF World Breaking Championship.

I came to France for the dance: I am very happy about breaking at the Olympics. It is having recognition. If I am the first B-Boy to win a gold medal at the Olympics… magnificent!Dany Dann B-Boy

Young breakers finding their place in Colombia

Colombia has flourished into a creative mecca with a thriving breaking scene. Rising star Luma highlights this through her own story: from learning to dance at the local hip hop school 4ESKuela – a non-profit education centre for music, art, and dance – to now teaching there, winning international competitions, and organising her own events in Medellin.

While we have seen improvements in gender equality in sport, we need more, and quickly. We can’t just arrive at 50-50 representation in competition and say the job is done.Luma B-Girl

India’s breaking scene is making room for B-Girls

Dance is hugely popular in India, with interest in breaking exploding in recent years. B-Girl Jo discusses what inspired her to take up breaking as a 17-year-old girl and her experiences in the male-dominated space. She shows the studio she has built into a community and practice hub, and reveals her dreams to compete at Paris 2024.

I have had some of my most beautiful moments while battling. It is about being alone in those moments of pressure and really having your own back.Jo &B-Girl

Senegal’s breakers see new opportunities with Olympic debut

Breaking arrived in Senegal in the mid-80s via VHS tapes from France, before exploding in the mid-2000s. B-Boys and brothers Xavier and Emma from Power Crew offer a look into breaking culture – a sport that will be part of the Dakar 2026 Youth Olympics – as they help organise and train to compete in their biggest national event.

For us, the Olympic Games are something that can open a lot of doors.Zaza B-Boy

Watch Breaking Life and follow the athletes’ journey at l @Olympics l #OlympicQualifiers #RoadtoParis2024.

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