Stripper sells undies she said Prince Harry gave to her at Vegas pool party

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Prince Harry now lives in California with his wife Meghan Markle and two children (Picture: Getty Images)

Before Prince Harry met Meghan Markle, he hit the headlines for partying in Las Vegas and reportedly stripping right down to his crown jewels.

Now ex-stripper Carrie Reichert claims Prince Harry handed her his black undies during the night, which she has kept ever since.

She used to earn £4,000 a session humiliating people as a dominatrix called Lady Dominique.

The undies were even featured in one of Carrie’s striptease acts at the Las Vegas Hustlers Club.

Kensington Palace has previously denied Miss Reichert was one of the women invited back to the Prince’s VIP suite at the Encore at Wynn hotel and dismissed her story as ‘untrue’.

Carrie has now decided to part ways with the garment and they will go on auction at the Hustlers Club on August 17.

The pants have been on display before at Sin City’s Erotic Heritage Museum.

She is also auctioning off the very same dress and swimsuit she wore at the time and reckons they could sell for up to £800,000.

Carrie says she misses the fun Harry (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

Talking to The Mirror, Carrie, 43, says she misses the old ‘fun Harry’, who has now become a ‘bore’ since becoming a dad and marrying Meghan Markle.

She said: ‘It’s a shame he’s all po-faced and serious these days,’

‘Even as a married dad-of-two, he should still let his hair down now and again – what’s left of it any way.

‘Harry has become such a bore, it’s a real shame. When he partied in Vegas, everyone loved him and his sense of fun. At least these pants are a reminder of what he used to be like… when Harry was the fun Prince.’

Carrie described how 10 years ago, the Duke of Sussex was a very different person after he was pictured hugging another woman naked.

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She also described how he used to play air guitar with a pool cue when she joined the party at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas hotel in August 2012.

She said Harry belted out Michael Jackson’s Beat It with just one glove to cover his modesty.

Harry now lives with his wife Meghan Markle and two children Archie and Lilibet in California, United States.

Harry’s speech to the United Nations earlier this month covered a number of important topics, including climate change.

The Sussexes have been contacted for comment.

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