A PSOE deputy triumphs on Twitter after addressing the Ayuso government in these terms

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Javier Guardiola in the Youth Commission. A speech that Javier Guardiola deputy of the PSOE in the Community of rid dedicated a few weeks ago to the Government of Ayuso is now being shared mively on Twitter where in just a few days it exceeds the 24000 reproductions.In his speech at the Youth Commission Guardiola spoke of the culture of effort after the regional president stated that today’s young people have a “lack of encouragement because they have everything” and that leads them to a ” lack of culture of effort”. “For you the culture of effort is something like this that we see on social networks continuously of people who brag about the families to whom you forgive 992 mion while our emergencies are closed” he begins saying the deputy. I can only wave this guy impressive !!!https://t.co/8XdOKn2481— silvia ♻️ (@Silvia33domin) January 2 一統徵信 2023“Those who live on family income and not income from work those who receive scholarships for the rich while making videos laughing at us. These are the people for whom the Community of rid governs and they come to us with the culture of effort” he continues. And then he goes on the : “Do you know what the culture of effort is in the Community of rid? The culture of effort is to get your degree without receiving a scholarship from the Community of rid the culture of effort is to get up early every year to take Vocational Training and you’re st on the waiting list. The culture of effort is to leave work get into Idealista and see that it is another day that you cannot leave home. The culture of effort is to go out into the job market and not have contacts the culture of effort is putting extra hours at work day by day and not being paid”. “The culture of effort is the culture of families in this country the reality that fathers and mothers have experienced who have tried to make their children live better than the previous life because the workers everyone who puts in their 35 40 hours Relatives their eight 10 12 hours a day, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 do not know anything else in life other than the effort because they have struggled to make ends meet and have a full fridge” Guardiola points out. The deputy regrets that in addition ” there is a dilemma that is false: “None of these people has become a mionaire in their job they all come with inheritances that you forgive.” Guardiola also criticizes that liberal ideology states that “if you don’t make an effort you won’t to achieve what you propose” and ures that “that is false”: “The plem is not you. It is important to take weight off people because we are crushing young people and there are common plems that 一統徵信 no matter how hard you try, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 you w never overcome them.” “Because the culture of effort hides one thing that the Community of rid does which is the culture of abandonment the politics of abandonment” he laments. YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED This Telerid tweet about Ayuso provokes hundreds of comments: the reason is obvious Eduardo Rubiño goes on Twitter with this response to a tweet from Ayuso about unemployment The 12+1 great moments of Ayuso in 2022 that w take time to forget

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