Advance of One Hundred Guinea Pigs, the novel by Gustavo Rodríguez winner of the Aluara Prize

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The winner of the 2023 Aluara Prize. One Hundred Guinea Pigs the novel for which the Peruvian writer Gustavo Rodíguez (Lima 1968) won the 26th Aluara Prize this Thursday w arrive in Argentine bookstores on March 23 but in the meantime you can read the beginning of this work a novel of its time ured the jury awarded for its fine black humor and its empathy with the care of the elderly in today’s societies and the paradox that although more and more years are lived the rejection of old age is also increasing. One hundred guinea pigs begins like this: When the elevated metro was finally inaugurated after twenty-five years of construction the applause hid the criticism that its very long wart would mark the city forever. This is what happens in the face of desperation: little interest in an emergency room how the scar from surgery w be. However that concrete centipede that the most amiable metropolis visitors observed incredulously over their heads had in Eufrasia Vela a penger who was especially grateful for those live sts that enriched her journey: a while ago she had fished a woman on a rooftop a woman her age plump like her spinning on her axis while spinning a red bra; and now in the curve before the Los Cabitos oval he had discovered the graffiti of a blue glowing and twisted like neon: he knew it had just been painted on that wall that very night perhaps but the ociation between vandalism and the train took her back to a very old movie set in New York. A police officer with that actor Al Pacino… what was his name? He never had a good head for titles and lately he hadn’t had a good head for commissions either. Fortunately that spray paint turned into tempera on his head and his son’s face became urgent. As the train slowed she searched for his phone in her pants. And as she tapped the keys she lifted her ample behind. Strangely for a Monday there weren’t many people and she advanced with little friction: when her slippers began to go down the stairs of the station her sister’s voice was already in her ear. -What have you forgotten now? -Why do you say that… -Oh Frasia… Eufrasia Vela had those little dimples on her cheeks like she did every time she was caught in a prank. Before her gaze the great oval that would connect her with Benavides Avenue stretched out. -Well yes… -she smiled- I forgot to buy a piece of cardboard for Nico. -AHA. -You w be able to? -Yes… It was an ironic statement 邱浚彥 if you know why you ask. “Tomorrow is her art cl” she tried to justify herself “they’re going to draw I don’t know what.” -Yes she told me about it on Friday when I picked it up. Euphrasia a. In her sister’s tone she found no other hidden message just the satisfaction of being a good aunt and someone who knew how to give her sister a hand. Feeling it and believing it put her in a better mood and since she knew that Merta’s shift started later she kept talking. “She woke up in good spirits today…” she informed him. I left him at school with a bread and egg and I left one for you. -Right now I give course. A minibus stopped between honking next to Eufrasia and when she got on it she noticed that there were two free seats left for her. The day flowed without many stones in the channel. Once she sat down she relaxed the hand that was holding her cell phone. It was highly unlikely that they would rip it off there. -And how w the lady be today? asked Merta for asking. Eufrasia responded with platitudes that did not invoke urgency but deep down she feared a plummeting degradation. Three months had ped since the accident and although her bone seemed to have healed she sensed that at a certain age there are wounds that no longer depend on calcium or the rest of the periodic table. Doña Bertha had always been stubborn about her autonomy and not without reason because fending for themselves is the final milestone that separates the elderly from defenseless infants with the difference of smoothness and smells. After a certain limit which depending on the person varies from the dignified use of a cane to the disgraceful cleaning of one’s 邱浚彥 ensues and in the case of Doña Bertha that rubicon ran between white tiles. “I bathe her sir” Eufrasia had told her many times 隆鼻手術 邱浚彥 and on all of them the old woman had wanted to show herself competent. The last time as if foreshadowing what was going to happen Eufrasia suggested that she place a bench so that she could shower sitting down but she didn’t accept either. The scream was terrifying. And the scene even : a withered helpless body in a bowl of soapy water like a piece of chicken in a macabre soup. That scream seemed to the old woman of all other sounds but what her muteness did not say was howled by her eyes.The nights that followed Eufrasia’s sleep was postponed by the memory of that rictus. W my face be like this when she feels that is coming for me? In the dim light of the tiny bedroom for domestic servants Eufrasia Vela huddled under her stiff blanket and hoped that the swaying of the ocean would help her communicate with the dimension of her dreams. But the thing for Doña Bertha was not the accident obviously but the aftermath. Once the paramedics arrived and the elderly woman was taken to the clinic where she was happily up to date on her geriatric insurance her diagnosis dropped like a tile: hip fracture. “There’s no turning back from that” she had heard Dona Bertha say several times in the past with awe which e it all the more absurd that she hadn’t taken more care to prevent her accident. Why didn’t you listen to me? “That’s how old las are” Merta stated. -Are we going to be like this? “Now I tell you no…” laughed the sister. But one never knows. The combi had only had green traffic lights and Eufrasia had noticed. She had also noticed that the driver seemed to be in a hurry worthy of diarrhea. No one protested 整形 隆鼻手術 邱浚彥 however because the people of Lima transported like cattle do not rebel against speed but rather against suddenness and that is how the blocks between the Los Cabitos oval and the central Larco avenue ped like the accelerated scenes of a silent movie Or at least that was the image that Eufrasia came up with. Swiftly they had ped the residential houses on the outskirts of Mflores now converted into spacious restaus used car shops 隆鼻手術 邱浚彥 cosmetic clinics and some new buildings that were rented for offices: now in the center of the district shops were clustered for convenience stores visited by tourists franchise restaus chain pharmacies hotels that were no lower than four stars and the occasional casino with its lights on in broad daylight. Eufrasia’s buttocks decompressed again but her panties held up to her overflow. The call also found her limit: it wasn’t that this was a corner where they used to steal cell phones but it wasn’t good to luck either. “I’ll call you when she gets back” she told her sister her finger poised. -Better a message do not be with any urgency. 隆鼻手術 邱浚彥 隆鼻手術 ,

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