Antisocial behaviour in Plumstead leads to police dispersal order

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A dispersal order has been put in place in an area of south London because of a gang of youths carrying out antisocial behaviour. The order which lasts from 10.30pm on Friday night to 5am on Saturday morning allows police to order a person to leave the area and not return for a set period of time.

The order which was put in place after antisocial behaviour by a large group of youngsters covers parts of Plumstead and Woolwich. The exact nature of the behaviour that led to the order has not been disclosed at this time.

Greenwich Metropolitan Police Service said on Twitter in the early hours of Saturday morning: “Following antisocial behaviour involving a large group of youths in Plumstead Road SE18 this evening a Section 35 CJPOA dispersal area has been authorised by Insp Beeching from 2230hrs on 07/01/23 to 0500hrs on 08/01/23 with the area shown in the attached map. This authority gives officers a power to ct a person to leave the area and not return within a finite time.”

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