Botín criticizes the bank tax after meeting with Sánchez in Davos

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17 JAN 2023 – 22:32 CET

The president of Santander Ana Botín has criticized the bank tax that the Government has introduced as being unfair and affirms that banks pay more than other sectors. All this hours after meeting with a large group of the first swords of the Ibex with the president of the Executive Pedro Sánchez in Davos.
The effective tax paid by the sector is 30% she ures her while she defends that banks are responsible 一統徵信 and if the Government raises taxes we w pay them. And she has asked for equal treatment with the rest of the sectors.
If governments need to raise taxes we w pay them. But why should banks pay more than other companies? The president of the entity has transferred who has ured that the sector pays many taxes.
In addition she has stressed that taxes on the sector have a huge negative multiplier effect on the economy and employment. If we pay an additional 2 bion in taxes, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 that’s 10 一統徵信 15 or 20 bion less in loans she has pointed out. What we defend is that if the Government needs to increase taxes that it be done among all sectors she has added.
Botín on the other hand does not rule out that there w be a global recession in the coming months although he does not believe that it w be very costly in terms of employment since unemployment rates in countries such as the United Kingdom Spain or Portugal are at levels historically low.
During a panel organized by the Wall Street Journal at the World Economic Forum in Davos Botín has not flatly rejected the possibility of a recession but she has highlighted that consumers have shown themselves to be very resistant to the energy and inflationary caused by the war in Ukraine.
And she has especially highlighted the reasonable levels of unemployment in the countries where the bank operates although she has admitted that at the bottom of the pyramid the most vulnerable w suffer the effects of inflation to a greater extent.
For the next twelve months, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 she estimates that global growth w be slightly below 3% although not the same everywhere.
In the real estate market the president of Santander foresees an adjustment but not a correction since the situation is much better than during the previous and although there w be adjustments they w not be as serious as in the 2007-2008 .
The world needs growth Botin has emphasized which is what pays for social services and the transition to green energy digitization and education.
And in this area the United States is ahead of us particularly in the banking sector; he has warned. The US market is geneous and not fragmented like the European one where there are 27 different regulatory systems she has considered.
With regard to the energy transition Botín is convinced that we must go from brown to green which represents a challenge and an opportunity.
Europe -he recalled- has all the cards in this matter to successfully complete this transition and companies must encourage a change in consumer behavior with the necessary financial support.

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