CONADI restored 258 hectares of land to the Juante Nahuelpán Mapuche community in Carahue

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With this community, the National Corporation for Indigenous Development, CONADI, completed the purchase of land from 14 communities during 2022, totaling 5,697 hectares for 729 families, with an investment of 40 billion pesos.
“For us this is a dream come true, there is no doubt about that. We were established as a community in 1998 and we began to manage the land issue, which today, fortunately, we are celebrating on this property. This is a great achievement for our community,” said José Huenchunao Antileo Piñén, president of the Juante Nahuelpan community, excited.
The Juante Nahuelpán community was established on February 11, 1998 in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 19,253 and is currently made up of 28 members that make up 23 families. Its territorial seat is found in Merced Title No. 1293 of 1908, which was granted to Juante Nahuelpán and 12 more members of his family, regarding daughter No. 3, in Quilquilco, in the former department of Imperial , today the commune of Tirúa, and in the Merced Title No. 569 of 1899, with an area of ​​55 hectares, which was granted to José Huenchunao and 10 other members of his family, regarding daughter No. 2, in the place Taguencul (Altos de Tirúa) Quilquilco.
fulfilling a dream
“It is exciting to share the joy with the people of the Juante Nahuelpan community who finally realizes a dream, a long-standing desire, many years in the making, that today, in the government of President Gabriel Boric and our management as national director of CONADI gives them the joy of handing over the deed to their properties, which no longer come alone as was the case in previous governments, but come with a water right and a process of accompaniment that has to do with the authorization of the properties and also with their productive development,” said Luis Penchuleo Morales, COANADI’s National Director, noting that “we are also quite proud of having carried out a historic effort, since never before in the history of the institution had such an investment been made in such a short time that exceeded 40,000 million pesos in record time”.
“It is a tremendous pride to be part of CONADI and from the council in these activities in which lands are returned to the communities, so many desires, hopes, for so many years. They, like many other Wallmapu communities, are waiting for this moment, and being part of this fills my piwke (heart) with joy. Hopefully more communities can access this instance every day, and our council is dedicated to generating public policies together with the government so that this change of address for many of the families is as painless as possible. As I always say, we are “poor without land” and we do not want to generate “poor with land” in the future, added Elba Matuz Aburto, National Councilor of CONADI.
Government commitment
“We are accompanying these lamgen (brothers) who move through a land purchase, article 20, letter B, from the commune of Tirúa to the commune of Carahue. We wish them all the success, all the Newen (strength) in the process that they are starting, and where several good news have also been announced, for example, an instance of accompaniment in the qualification of these properties, which is part of the commitment of this government, for which they have also taken it with great joy, with great enthusiasm, and they are also all willing to work together,” said Isabel Cañet Caniulen, National Manager of the CONADI Indigenous Chile Program.
From the Good Living Plan in La Araucanía we have established a series of coordinations and we are working on the territorial intervention methodology for dialogue. We have developed and installed a coordination table with the municipalities for public investment and yesterday we installed the investment table with public services. Therefore, we are very happy because we have a budget that will allow us this year 2023 to bring investment to the territories with an emphasis on the rural world. Within the framework of this handover of land, we can say that the Good Living Plan is already a reality in the Araucanía Region, from the point of view of its concrete materialization”, indicated Marcelo García Soto, Coordinator of the Good Living Plan for the Region. from La Araucanía.
Land and water rights
The properties acquired for this territorial restitution have a capacity of 258 hectares, paying for the properties and water rights the total sum of $2,124 million pesos, where the properties were acquired under the modality of co-ownership, for the benefit of 22 members of the community , while water rights under the modality of community purchase.With this purchase, the community’s land demand is closed as stated in the Minutes of the Extraordinary Assembly of the Indigenous Community, dated June 3, 2022, so with these purchases a total solution could be given to the land problem that It affected the Juante Nahuelpán Mapuche community of the Tirúa commune.
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