Deodato+Martino, The last of us, the docu on the two directors arrives

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A few days after the death of director Ruggero Deodato, who marked years of Italian cinema, the news arrives of an unpublished documentary produced by Vargo film and Variety Distribution and directed by Giorgio Bruno, finished shooting just a few months ago, where Deodato tells his story together with another director of those years, Sergio Martino. It was the latter, a colleague and friend of his, who communicated the death of the director of the cult horror film Cannibal Holocaust. I have just learned that Ruggero Deodato has passed away. I shared a beautiful season of cinema with him. We started practically together a parallel journey which in these years of revaluation of our cinema has goliardically taken us around the world together. Hi Ruggero, his words. Now the documentary The Last of Us is the title of the film that tells the stories that characterized the personal and artistic life of the two directors who represented Italian genre cinema in the world, loved by directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth, Tim Burton , etc. The two are reached by a phone call from Davide Pulici, (chief editor of Nocturno) who contacts them by offering them a film-loving lunch in a nice Roman restaurant. The location of the film thus becomes a typical Roman restaurant, where Deodato and Martinosi meet for a lunch of spaghetti alla carbonara. And there begins a long dialogue that will involve the world of cinema, criticism, their private and professional lives. (HANDLE).

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