EA has lost the save data of 60 percent of Madden NFL 23 players

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EA claims that a temporary “data storage issue” caused the corruption of the Connected Franchise Mode (CFM) saves of many Madden NFL 23 players last week.
Worst of all, the company estimates that it can recover less than half of those damaged files.
The problem began on Monday, December 26, when EA tweeted that it was “aware that players were experiencing connection issues when trying to connect to CFM.” That issue lasted until Wednesday, December 28, when EA announced that “users should now be able to play CFM without issue.”
But users who tried to connect to play online from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning saw their data corrupted, as EA confirmed over the weekend.
Although EA says that some of those corrupted save files can be recovered from a backup, it adds that the development team is “currently projecting around 40% of leagues as recoverable.”
Players who did not log in during the outage period last week should not be affected, EA says, adding that CFM is now “up and running” and it is “safe to log in and play.”

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