Ealing girl, 13, ‘abducted’ on Caribbean holiday after popping to shops

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It is feared that a young girl from Ealing has been abducted while on a family holiday in the Caribbean more than two weeks ago. Delika White Lezama, a 13-year-old from Greenford, Ealing, disappeared while in Trinidad with her mum and brother to visit her nan.

She was last seen visiting a corner shop near her grandmother's house in the town of Sangre Grande at around 4pm on December 17. A frantic search began when she didn't return home 10 minutes later but her family has been unable to find any trace.

Her family is being supported by the UK Foreign Office as the local police's anti-kidnapping unit are spearheading a search. Her family has made several heart-breaking appeals on social media saying they are'beyond desperate'.

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