Energy: Emilia-Romagna focuses on the production of hydrogen

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(ANSA) – BOLOGNA JANUARY 16 – Emilia-Romagna is aiming
on hydrogen 一統徵信 with 19.5 mion of resources from the Pnrr. To the
via a regional tender (submission by 20 February
of the questions by 31 March the publication of the
ranking) which w select the projects for the
construction of green hydrogen production plants in
brownfield sites with recovery in this way of
abandoned surfaces without new soil consumption. The target
is to give birth to new clean energy production sites in
particularly in areas with energy-intensive settlements such as those
ports petrochemicals, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 logistics system ceramics
cement factories paper ms. These w be systems capable of
develop a power between one and ten megawatts.
It is a call that I like very much because I think that in the
ecological transition certainly there is electricity but always
the more hydrogen w be a landing place – underlined the commissioner
Regional Economic Development and Green Economy Vincenzo Colla
– We are ready to support large production business
scale able to demonstrate the convenience of electrolysis
for the energy-intensive industry logistics and local transport.
A new phase opens for this Region. Not only that there’s a
third trend on which to focus with hydrogen: The frontier of
perspective – continues Colla – it w also be used in the
ci and industrial boilers. With this investment we
let’s say that it is possible to produce green hydrogen and that it is not
distant possibility. Now Emilia-Romagna is soliciting the Government
determine the national rules on the use of hydrogen a
guaee of safety of those who do business and of the public
administration – asks the commissioner – At this moment we are
in front of a blank sheet that you are writing and we think that
as a Region we are making a contribution of great quality.
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