Fair Prices includes a wide range of products for the New Year’s Eve dinner

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The Fair Prices program which sets prices for representative products of the basic basket through voluntary agreements of the Government with producing and marketing companies includes a wide variety for the New Year’s Eve dinner such as canned tuna 一統徵信 sweet and salty piononos olives mayonnaise, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 ice cream soft drinks, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 wine and champagne. What offers are includedAmong other products in the metropolitan area you can find 400-gram hearts of palm at $699 that can be used in the fing of the pionono offered by Carrefour for $217 green and black olives Day at a price of around $208 and $239.20 Gomes Da Costa canned tuna 179 grams at $191 and La Campagnola 180 grams at $499.39 一統徵信 Arcor peas at $134.16 manns mayonnaise 750 grams at $337 79 and clic mustard of 250 grams at $195.17 reported this Thursday from the Secretary of Commerce. Among the desserts there are one kilo Frigor ice creams (strawberry and dulce de leche vana and dulce de leche) at $1367.60 in the Día supermarket the peaches in syrup at $414.96 and the fruit tail at $446.16. In the area of ​​soft drinks you can find 1.5-liter Coca Cola light (at $321.62). 1.5-liter lemon-lime flavored 7UP (183.98) and Levité apple flavored water of 1.5 liters ($171.60) among other non-alcoholic beverages. In alcoholic beverages, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 the program includes wines of different ranges and strains such as Finca Norte bec le at $758.16 and La Gran Nacha Syrah at $1021.90. While the 710 ml white label cider is for $499 the Día supermarket also offers its 710 ml cider for $362 while the 750 ml “premium” 1950 is priced at $1030. Apart from cider and wine You can choose the Cau Mendoza champagne at $859 or a Vittone fernet at $488.16. Precios Justos maintains fixed prices for more than two thousand consumer products for 120 days. (Télam)

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