Gas, the December bill increases by 23.3%.

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(ANSA) – ROME, 03 JAN – Increase the gas bill for the
families still in guardianship. Based on the average performance of
Italian wholesale market in December and for i
consumption in the same month, for the typical family
under tutelage there was a 23.3% increase in the bill,
compared to November. Arera communicates it, explaining that a
December the price of gas raw material for customers with
contracts under protected conditions, is set at 116.6 euro/MWh,
equal to the average of the prices recorded daily during
the whole month. In the first weeks of December the quotations
of gas also reached peaks of around 135 euro/MWh.
The cost of gas for the typical family (which has average consumption of
1,400 cubic meters per year) in the year between January and
December 2022 was approximately 1,866 euros, up by 64.8%
compared to the same period of 2021. The Arera makes it known
noting that this effect occurs despite the savings achieved
with the new ex post monthly update method introduced
by the Authority last July. (HANDLE).

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