Health of wild animals, the environment and man, the Master is about to start

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(ANSA) – CARAMANICO TERME, JANUARY 26 – It’s called Medicine
wildlife conservation and health management,
is a second level Master organized by the Department of
Veterinary Medicine of the University of Teramo and the Park
Maiella National Team and will be attended by 30 doctors
veterinarians, freelancers, officials of public bodies
engaged in wildlife management, executives of companies
local health authorities and researchers from all over Italy.
It will start tomorrow, Friday 27 January, and foresees a path
theoretical online – such as opening day tomorrow – and one
practical application, with field lessons by Wildlife
Research Center of the Maiella Park, in the scientific headquarters
of Caramanico Terme (Pescara) and in other areas of interest, in
collaboration with the Italian Society of Ecopathology of
Wildlife (Sief).
It is a unique training experience in Italy, thank you
the sharing of experiences between the Park, the University and
Italian and European companies involved in the management issue
wildlife health. The multidisciplinary approach
will ensure the understanding of the complexity of
disease dynamics in populations. With the appearance of the
Covid, the organizers explain, we had to confront each other
with some concepts of epidemiology, previously unknown to most,
we understood how the relationships between men, animal populations
and environment must be seen with an integrated approach,
holistic, tending to define the big picture of ‘One
We have often heard that over 70% of the origin
of emerging infectious diseases of man is of origin
animal, mostly from wild animals, and it is true: but it is
equally true that these diseases are the effect of relationships
complex between
men, domestic and wild animals, and what they find
explanation, when we can get it, in factor analysis
such as human population density, diversity and abundance of
wild animals, and environmental changes implemented
by man, first of all deforestation, expansion of
intensive agricultural practices, intensification of
livestock production, trade in animals. Thanks to
collaboration between the University of Teramo and Wildlife Research
Center of the Maiella Park these themes are at the center of
lines of scientific research that are taking place in Abruzzo
developing also thanks to the geographical particularity and the
wealth of protected areas in the region. (HANDLE).

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