In Toluca, arbitrary fines with virtual parking meters

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The mayor of Toluca has no filler; Citizens expressed their disagreement, even before their operation.
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On January 2, the fines for not paying the virtual parking meter rate came into force in the municipality of Toluca, where Raymundo Martínez Carbajal governs. The sanctions cost 962 pesos and the collection sites are located in 24 streets of the Mexican capital, however, since before its appearance, the citizens of the territory have been dissatisfied with the measure, because they consider that it was carried out arbitrarily. .
Some of the avenues where these virtual parking meters were placed are Avenida Juárez, Juan Álvarez, until reaching Paseo Tollocan, which are among the busiest. Given the situation, Mexican drivers who travel through these streets affirmed that the digitization of this form of public parking is a controversial decision to execute its operation, since the cell phone must be used to pay, have data on it and monitor the through the device.
There are 962 pesos that have to be paid once the established time is exceeded, an amount that is not at all accessible to the citizens of the municipality, who, in themselves, have some of the highest rates in public transport, however , and perhaps it is the only good part, there will be a 50% discount during the first five days after having exceeded the time limit, which can be done at the Road Offices located on Primero de Mayo.
This situation of a double transfer generates an extra expense that Carbajal did not contemplate and, above all, inconveniences for the elderly who often do not have a cell phone, data or do not fully understand the new technologies. Apparently that did not matter to the mayor of Toluca. Given these facts, Raymundo Martínez Carbajal sees himself as an inhuman president.

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