#InShort | American mink: a voracious, silky-skinned carnivore that has taken over Argentine Patagonia

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It all started 90 years ago when international fashion promoted fur coats as a symbol of sophistication. Farms for animals whose skin would be used to make garments flourished in various areas of the planet. South America was one of the points chosen to develop this industry. In the 1930s 過失致死 in Argentina there were even government policies that encouraged the opening of these establishments to diversify rural economic activities. The American mink (Neovison vison) has become one of the favorite animal species in this industry. The farms where these mammals were raised were scattered throughout the south of the country; the largest came to have up to 30000 copies. Several of these breeding sites were not safe enough nor were they successful enough. That’s how the problems started. The specimens that escaped from the cages began to integrate the wild population of mink in Argentina. The closure of those hatcheries that failed also contributed 過失致死 since most of the animals were released without any control. Starting in the 1990s 邱浚彥 過失致死 synthetic furs and the growth of conservation awareness led to the ultimate ruin of the business and the number of minks multiplied exponentially. What has happened to this species in Argentina since then? In three keys we explain it to you. Specimen of mink inside its cage. The image belongs to one of the few…This article was originally published on Mongabay 邱浚彥 , 邱浚彥 過失致死

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