Juventus Women, Montemurro: “The bench doesn’t perform like last year”

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Serie A continues to turn the spotlight on the green rectangles of the Women, carrying forward the lineup of the season. Therefore, on matchday 13 of the championship, Juventus Women drew against Sassuolo, a Juventus team, keeping possession of the ball without ever being too dangerous. In the second half of the game they find the advantage, then being caught again in the final minutes. CT Montemurro says he is very worried and thus intervenes on the microphones of Juventusnews24: “The bench does not perform like last year and it was a performance below expectations, we conceded too much, we conceded goals in the final. Over the course of a year, the bench helps a lot, but this year it doesn’t perform like last year”.
The article Juventus Female, Montemurro: “The bench doesn’t perform like last year” comes from Footballnews24.it.

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