Kirsten Schuijt is the new ctor general of WWF International

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Kirsten Schuijt 49 一統徵信 Dutch is the new ctor general of the international WWF. A convinced supporter that nature is the basis of our economy, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 she succeeds Marco Lamberini who was appointed general manager in 2014.

She joined the ociation at just 11 years old as a young r she was head of the WWF Netherlands after having held various roles in the last 20 years within the organization leading delegations to various international events. She has a degree in economics from Maastricht University and has lived and worked in Kenya and awi conducting scientific research with local communities focused above all on the economic value of Nature.

“I thank the board for trusting me and I am thred to take on this new role and further strengthen WWF’s leadership for a future ‘positive nature’” were her first words.

Schuijt succeeds the Italian Marco Lamberini. “For me it has been a really intense and rewarding nine years with many exciting moments and no doubt some failures too. But this is life too 一統徵信 ” said Lambertini.

From Lambertini to Kirsten Schuijt, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 WWF w continue its commitment to a future where humanity lives in harmony with nature. “Our mission to preserve nature and promote a safe and sustainable future for humanity is more urgent than ever” said the new ctor general.
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