Leslie and Kevin case: what we really know about their disappearance

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[Updated Jan 27, 12:01 a.m.] The Leslie and Kevin case is stalling. The couple disappeared on the night of Friday November 25 to Saturday November 26, 2022, in Prahecq, not far from Niort. After two months without giving any news, the couple has still not given a sign of life. However, the girl’s father is certain: Leslie could not have disappeared voluntarily, she may be kidnapped, held against her will, collateral victim of a situation that completely escapes her…, he confides au Parisien, January 26, 2023. The regional daily retraced the course of their last evening spent together before evaporating into the wild. As a couple for less than a month, the two young people decide on Friday evening November 25 to spend the evening with Nicolas R., a longtime friend of Kevin’s father, Guy Trompat. Before going to his house, they both have an aperitif at Tom, neighbor and friend of the couple. They go to Nicolas’ house around 7 p.m. They then taste a beef bourguignon in the company of the host of the place and another guest. The latter would have left the household around midnight. Leslie and Kevin meanwhile leave at 3 a.m. During the evening, Kevin’s father’s partner would have gone to Nicolas’ house to bring 5,000 euros in cash to his son-in-law, at the request of this last. Carefully, Leslie would have left the small group around 7:30 p.m. to make an express round trip (return at 9:30 p.m.) to Jérémy, a 30-year-old man who had become her friend and who was hosting her. The couple disappeared after the evening, around 2:53 a.m., and will never arrive at Tom’s, Nicolas’s neighbor who was to accommodate them. Leslie never replied to the last text messages sent by Tom, which were left unanswered, although the young woman’s phone went to Niort the next day around noon. On December 8, the couple’s personal effects were also found, namely three pairs of shoes, a toiletry bag, a hairbrush and paint-stained clothes that had belonged to the young woman. Five days earlier, the family of the young woman would have reported the disappearance of Leslie. An investigation is then opened for disturbing disappearance by the Niort prosecutor’s office. Finally, a judicial investigation is opened later with the count of arrest, kidnapping, detention or forcible confinement. Since then, the investigation has stalled and has not given rise to any arrests.

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