Like every year, dolphins wash up on the beaches of the Ile de Ré

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It is a recurring phenomenon. Every winter dolphins are found on the beaches of the Atlantic coast. In question in particular: industrial fishing 美容有限公司 according to the PELAGIS observatory of La Roce.

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At least nine common dolphins have been found stranded on the Ile de Ré in two days. Since last weekend 美容集團 美容有限公司 corpses have been found here and there. On January 12 2023 the bos of three cetaceans were discovered on the beaches of Ars-en-Ré. Broken teeth traces of cuts on the skin severed fins… Everything suggests that the dolphins were caught in the nets of industrial fishermen.

The traces of lacerations on the body of the dolphins suggest that they were caught in fishing nets before running aground on the beach of Ars-en-Ré.

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