London Underground: Commuters divided on whether you should queue for the Tube after passenger is left stranded on platform

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Ever travelled on the London Underground and wondered why there are no single file queues to get on trains? Some might argue it’s rather strange that in London, where queuing is basically life, commuters don’t line up.

Yet somehow commuters on the Tube generally seem to make it work, even when the odd individual happens to unconsciously cut in front of the huddle that gathers in front of the doors. Saying that, there are occasions when commuters miss the subconscious cues involved in huddling, and that can lead to altercations.

One commuter took to social media to explain his unpleasant encounter with a fellow passenger who left him stranded on the platform after pushing in with her ‘clan of children’. The account left Londoners responding to the post divided as to how queuing should be done on the London Underground.

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