Lucía Rodríguez and her interpretation of Gilda: where to see one of the best carnival performances

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Lucía Rodríguez’s performance when considering individual performances was so far one of the most relevant in the early stages of the Official Contest of Carnival Groups which takes place at the Teatro de Verano. The actress and communicator plays Gilda in one of the two parodies of Los Muchachos one of the groups with the largest fans and usually a candidate for first prize in parody. I listened to Gilda in these months of rehearsals and now performances much more than when I was 15 years old Lucía recounted laughing. She added: I’ve always been a fan of Gilda who from our generation older or younger hasn’t danced to Gilda’s songs? I always wondered why a parody of Gilda hadn’t been done before with the story she has. When the Colo (Eduardo Gianarelli) proposed it to me I immediately told him not crazy 一統徵信 because it was a very big responsibility but hey, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 here we are all happy. The show that Los Muchachos presented before the jury of the carnival contest was so far the best of those that were seen in the category of parodists and is clearly on the podium of the best proposals considering the 12 groups that have already debuted out of a total of 39. In a global proposal titled with the name of one of Gilda’s songs I do not regret this love after the presentation and prior to the farewell two parodies follow one another the first on the history of Villa del Cerro and the second on the life of the Argentine singer.Juan SamuelleLucía Rodríguez like Gilda. I was very happy tired but very happy because the work of many months was reflected and people enjoyed it. The contest is another issue obviously very important but what fills us the most is the response from the people, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 who had been seeing it on the stage and had another divine night yesterday Lucía said. Although many people praised her performance as a contribution individual to the group in Los Muchachos always prioritized doing collective shows in one of the parodies I have the responsibility of impersonating the character that gives the parody its name but the work is collective for example my friends Leticia Cohen Denisse Caseaux, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 who I love and admire them they were brilliant they delighted laughed and moved.Juan SamuelleThe parody on the history of the Cerro neighborhood.In the show which lasts 70 minutes in addition to playing Gilda in the second parody Lucía develops other contributions.Singing Like Gilda the biggest challenge is for Lucía: Without a doubt I was watching the video and I noticed my voice was a bit shaky I’m leaving my comfort zone I feel comfortable acting making humor… this is It’s like when a singer is asked to make jokes… singing is hard for me I never studied singing but here they gave me a lot of support so that I wouldn’t be exposed and I do it with a lot of love and respect. His great work on the stage of the Parque Rodó has a precedent that supports the quality of her interpretation: she was chosen as the best character in the Parodists category during the Inaugural Parade held on Avenida 18 de Julio. In the case of Gilda at the Ramón Collazo and on the tablados Lucía exposes key moments in the artist’s life: when she worked as a teacher at the initial level of education when she became more and more involved in the world of tropical music and finally when she passed away alternating with humorous and more reflective moments. all with an alternation of performances choreography and musical themes. Juan Samuelle Parody about Gilda. Outstanding moments A couple of outstanding moments in the parody are when a choreography is used to represent the moment of the accident that caused Gilda’s (see the video at 56’30) and when at the end there is a sequence of fragments of seven of the most popular songs by the artist in a hooked musical by Agustín Amuedo: You were; I do not regret this love; Love me softly; Brave Heart; I’ve a heart; Landscape; and It’s not my farewell (see in the video at 59’45). Another instance perhaps the most emotional is when Lucía asks the audience to believe in their dreams even when the doors close challenging them to fly high like Gilda did it.

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