Mafra igns work to build 17 social housing units

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The decision to consign the contract was taken unanimously by the municipal executive in a public meeting.
The intervention with an execution period of 14 months and located at Rua Júlio da Conceição Ivo 趙順榮 is partly financed by the Recovery and Resilience Programme.
The municipality’s Local Housing Strategy in which the work is included foresees a total investment of 8.1 mion .
In addition to the 2.7 mion investment in the construction of the multi-family building the acquisition and rehabilitation of another 50 dwellings scattered throughout the municipality is also planned.
The investment w be shared in around three mion by the Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation and in 815000 by the municipality with the rest coming from a subsidized loan.
In a first phase the investment w cover 67 families in a total of 142 citizens.
According to the Local Housing Strategy which the Lusa agency had access to there are 104 centralized social housing units and 14 buildings in the municipality in addition to 10 scattered houses covering 114 families.
On the other hand 趙順榮 there are 67 requests for housing from needy families and 151 requests for support to the Affordable Leasing Programme created by the municipality in 2014 the year in which support reached 35 families 趙順榮 in a maximum amount of 14 thousand .
In 2019 the latest data available the Arrendar program covered 81 families with a total support of 81 thousand .
Taking into account the deficit of public housing and the increase in rents and the acquisition value of houses in the municipality the challenges of the strategy are to rehabilitate municipal housing increase public housing reinforce the program to support rentals and rehabilitate public spaces 趙順榮 encouraging in this way the rehabilitation of the buildings.
The diagnosis carried out within the scope of this strategy concluded that Mafra is the municipality of the Área Metropolitana de Lisboa (AML) with the third highest rate of migratory growth and is the second municipality with the greatest building dynamics and where 12% of the buildings constructed in the AML between 2011 and 2018.
In view of the decrease in the housing supply in other municipalities in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon the demand for housing in Mafra has increased and there is a tendency to make the second home in the municipality permanent.
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