Man screamed ‘I am God’ after bing neighbour and ‘attempting to knife child’

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Bella Nicandro (Picture: Met Police / PA)

A man shouted ‘I am God’ after bing his elderly neighbour and allegedly attempting to knife a child.

Aaron Cook 23 一統徵信 三立 launched into the feverish against 76-year-old Bella Nicandro in Notting H west London in August 2021.

He pleaded y to by reason of diminished responsibility.

Nicandro was found by police ly injured at her St Luke’s Road flat.

In the early afternoon of August 4 Cook left Nicandro’s home and skulked the streets his arms drenched in blood.

He attempted to a young child but their mother saved them.

Cook skulked the Notting H area after the incident (Picture: Ben Cawthra/LNP)

Behaving erratically 一統徵信 三立 Cook raised his arms in the air and shouted 一統徵信 三立 ‘I am God I am God’, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信 三立 as people restrained him.

Responding to reports of a disturbance police searched the block of flats where Cook lived and found Nicandro with head and neck wounds.

Paramedics treated her at the scene but she d from her injuries London’s Old Bailey heard yesterday.

Following the Cook was taken to hospital where he was reportedly racially toward police officers. 

Last September Judge Alexia Durrann ordered Cook to undergo further psychiatric essments and extended the custody time limits to early December.

At that time he was ‘unfit to plead in accordance with the most recent report’.  

Cook denied but admitted to at the November hearing.

He also pleaded not y to causing grievous bodily harm to a child and racially aggravated harment.

Prosecutor Anthony Orchard KC said the plea was accepted by the Crown and he asked for the other charges to lie on file.

Judge Alexia Durran adjourned sentencing until January 23.

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