Migrants, Meloni speaks like Renzi, Conte and Draghi The goal is to get EU funds sooner and more easily

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In return, on migrants Meloni abandons the Cold War tone with Emmanuel Macron’s France which characterized the start of his government

The economy, money, come before the issue of migrants. In summary, this is the picture that emerges from the meeting at Palazzo Chigi between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the President of the European Council Charles Michel. Reading between the lines the words of the prime minister, it is quite clear: Europe – says the prime minister – must defend its businesses courageously. We need to simplify existing tools with flexibility on European funds. The aim must be to support businesses without weakening the single market. Courage is also needed in the creation of instruments such as the sovereign wealth fund.

Here is the key point that interests the leader of Fratelli d’Italia, not only the revision of the Pnrr, but greater flexibility of European funds to help the Italian companies most affected by the sanctions against Russia. A fundamental issue for Meloni and for the government and on which the minister for EU affairs, entrenched behind the strictest secrecy, has been working hard for weeks, shuttling between Rome and Brussels. In return on migrants Meloni abandons the Cold War tone with Emmanuel Macron’s France which characterized the start of her government and on the issue of migrants he uses generic words and does not sink the blow.

On immigration we believe it is essential to move forward urgently towards a European solution for a problem that is European. There must be awareness that Italy cannot tackle this matter alone which is linked, especially today, to security. Nobody wants to be divided on this issue, they would be doing the traffickers of human beings a favour. The commitment to Africa must be of the whole union. I think there are good signs of this.

More or less the same words that Matteo Renzi, Paolo Gentiloni, Guseppe Conte and Mario Draghi used to pronounce in the past. It is no coincidence that Matteo Salvini, who saw the amendments to reintroduce his Security Decrees rejected in Montecitorio, remains very cautious on the issue of migrants, despite the only change with the Meloni government and with Minister Matteo Piantedosi is that now they do not land more only in Calabria and Sicily but also in Tuscany, Liguria and the Marches. In short, money comes before the theme (from the electoral campaign) of migrants.

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