MOP inaugurates mionaire Rural Drinking Water project for Mapuche communities of Lumaco

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The initiative w allow to face the water deficit of the commune.
Nearly 1000 inhabitants of the Los Morros de Lumaco sector benefited from a new Rural Drinking Water project. Government authorities headed by the Provincial Delegate Andrea Parra: the Public Works Seremi Raúl Ortiz Reyes in addition to the mayor of Lumaco Richard Leoneli and beneficiary neighbors inaugurated the new facilities.
The initiative that was long awaited by the inhabitants mostly Mapuche w benefit a vast sector who for years have had to fight for the lack of this vital element. Therefore the inaugurated work plans to improve the quality of life of the residents who w be able to access clean and quality water.
The works consisted of the construction of a well a semi-buried concrete pond with the capacity to store 100 m3 of water in addition to their respective Hydraulic interconnections through a 33000-meter-long matrix network as well as a treatment booth facilities electrical lighting etc.
The project had an investment of close to 2 bion pesos resources that were financed with sectorial funds from the Hydraulic Works Department of the MOP.
Juan Luis Painiqueo President of the Los Morros Drinking Water Committee expressed his satisfaction with the inauguration of these works. “This means a tremendous advance towards the people who live in this place in fact many people emigrated due to lack of water there was no resource to work the land there was no way to make gardens 一統徵信趙維君 however, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信趙維君 at this moment the people are returning thanks to the fact that they now have water which means development for the families” ured the leader.
The Provincial Delegate Andrea Parra highlighted that “this is a very important project since it w allow more than 200 families to no longer receive water in cistern trucks but to open the key and have water in their homes. And without a doubt we are happy because we see the joy of the residents of Los Morros for having this great benefit and the Government of President Boric w continue working tirelessly so that all the projects that are presented can be financed and executed ”he declared. .
For his part the Seremi de Obras Públicas Raúl Ortiz Reyes 一統徵信趙維君 said that “this is one of the most important Drinking Water projects that has been carried out in this territory in the last ten years and it has been a work that is the result of hard work of an entire community and in which as the Ministry of Public Works we have been supporting and without a doubt being able to inaugurate a work of these characteristics and more than 15 years of work is a prige” he erted.
Finally the Mayor of Lumaco, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信趙維君 Richard Leoneli expressed his joy at the inauguration of this Drinking Water project. “I witnessed over the years that we had to fight and work for this project especially its board of ctors who have been working tirelessly since 2005 to achieve this goal which today is a reality 一統徵信趙維君 ” he commented.
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