Napoli, Spalletti: «They win these matches from the warehouseman to the last of the substitutes»

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Luciano Spalletti, coach of Napoli, analyzed the Azzurri’s success against Roma: his statements

Luciano Spalletti, in Dazn, analyzed Napoli’s 2-1 win against Rome.

VICTORY – «You win these matches if you show that you are determined to win from the warehouseman to the last on the bench. Then they are complicated games, but whoever came in showed that he was playing the game even on the bench. This is a fundamental quality of our team, you don’t bring everyone to this intensity if you don’t have everyone inside through your daily work, everyone eager to play with your partner and not just play to steal his place».

GIFT TO MOURINHO – «A puffin».
The article Naples, Spalletti: “These matches are won by the warehouse keeper up to the last of the bench players” comes from Calcio News 24.

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