National Housing Program already has ‘green light’. Here are the 22 measurements

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This Friday, Parliament approved the National Housing Program (PNH) for the 2022-2026 period, which provides for 22 measures for the sector.

The Government’s bill allocates 2.377 million euros to strengthening the public housing stock, 197 million euros to emergency response and 183 million euros to incentives for the private and social offer of rent at affordable costs.
Provided for in the Basic Housing Law and covering the entire national territory, the PNH aggregates policies for the housing sector, identifying the main shortcomings.
It is a programmatic instrument of the national housing policy that establishes, in a multiannual perspective, its objectives, priorities, programs and measures, replacing, in these terms, the National Strategy for Housing (ENH).
These are the 22 planned measures:
Axis 1 – Reinforce and qualify the public housing stock, as a permanent response

Measure 1 1st Right Program – Support Program for Access to Housing
Measure 2 Creation of a state property exchange for housing
Measure 3 Execution of the public housing rehabilitation plan
Measure 4 Real estate acquisition process

Axis 2 – Ensure emergency responses to risk and social emergency situations

Measure 5 National Grant for Urgent and Temporary Accommodation – BNAUT
Measure 6 Gateway Program

Axis 3 – Encouraging the private offer of rent at affordable costs

Measure 7 Lease Support Program (PAA)
Measure 8 Porta 65 Program – Youth
Measure 9 Rehabilitate for rent – ​​Affordable Housing
Measure 10 Housing at controlled costs

Axis 4 – Reinforce stability and confidence in the housing market

Measure 11 Promotion of long-term contracts
Measure 12 Real Right of Durable Housing
Measure 13 Protection of Tenants
Measure 14 Inspection of the lease
Measure 15 Study of international housing market regulation models

Axis 5 – Qualifying residential spaces and promoting greater territorial cohesion

Measure 16 From Housing to Habitat
Measure 17 Housing mobility programs
Measure 18 IFRRU 2030 – Financial Instrument for Urban Rehabilitation and Revitalization
Measure 19 Monitoring the regular operation of housing policy instruments in municipalities

Axis 6 – Promoting sustainability and innovation in housing solutions

Measure 20 Promotion of new cooperative and collaborative housing models
Measure 21 Innovation and sustainability – Public housing pilot project
Measure 22 Codification of technical construction standards

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