New jobs in nursing homes, salary increases, aid to be greener… All you need to know about the Alpes-Maritimes budget for 2023

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On Friday January 20, the Alpes-Maritimes departmental council met in plenary session to vote on the budget for the year 2023. More money for nursing homes, the work in the Roya valley completed before the end of the year. year and aid for greener equipment… There are many promises.
In 2023, the Alpes-Maritimes department intends to direct its resources towards specific causes: helping the elderly, maintaining purchasing power and regional planning. During the vote on the original budget which took place on Friday January 20, the 54 departmental advisers decided on many questions.
155 nursing home jobs
As I committed to in November 2022, I reaffirm my desire to support residents in public and associative nursing homes and their families, said Charles-Ange Ginésy, president of the departmental council. Thus, each Ehpad will benefit from a budget for the equivalence of an additional full-time job (FTE) for 73 beds. This is equivalent to 155 jobs created within the establishments of the department.
In addition, public nursing homes and associations will also receive aid of 1.75 million euros to support the effects of inflation, indicates the department’s website.
In March 2023, a Maison de l’autonomie will open its doors in Nice. This counter will help people with disabilities and elderly people with a loss of autonomy. Subsequently, 13 branches will open in the rest of the department in the following months. Still on the health side, the Axel-Kahn Institute, intended to better coordinate the care pathway for cancer patients and their families, will also open in Nice, avenue Auber. This establishment is a partnership between the department, the Antoine-Lacassagne Center and the Alpes-Maritimes Cancer League.

Salary increases for social workers
Regarding young people and their parents, the department has undertaken not to increase the price of canteens for middle school students. 71 million euros will be devoted to the colleges of the Alpes-Maritimes, including 5 only for the energy renovation of the establishments.
The construction of a new college will be launched in Levens and studies concerning the reconstruction of the Campelières college in Mougins will also be launched.
For the little ones and young parents, the House of the first 1000 days has just opened its doors on Thursday January 19 in Nice, 172 avenue de la Californie. This house aims to support parents during the first three years of their children.

The house of the first 1000 days was inaugurated on Thursday January 19 in Nice.

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