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The adventures and troubles of a teenager in Santander in the thirties of the last century.
The protagonist of this novel is called Álvaro Pombo Caller, and friends and family call him -although he doesn’t like it- Alvarito, or Alvarín. The Álvaro Pombo Caller of the novel, blood uncle of our author Álvaro Pombo, is nineteen years old in 1936.
In the provincial Santander of that time, as in all of Spain, the left-right confrontation burned, the fierce intellectual debates and the exalted political proclamations. Alvarín, with his youthful fervor and his admiration for José Antonio Primo de Rivera, joined the Spanish Falange in 1934. His father, Cayo Pombo Ybarra, is an agnostic and republican liberal, an admirer of Manuel Azaña. Despite his political differences, father and son…
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