Paolo Calissano, 1 million euros disappeared from the actor’s accounts: his guardian and administrator investigated

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The person who was supposed to be the guardian and support administrator of the Genoese actor Paolo Calissano, struck down in Rome on 29 December 2021 by a mix of antidepressant drugs, would not actually have, according to the Genoa prosecutor’s office, served the well-known actor’s interests. but apparently he would have caused at least 1 million euros to disappear from Calissano’s accounts over the years. The administrator, a Genoese lawyer, is under investigation for embezzlement and circumvention of an incompetent person by the Genoa prosecutor’s office.
Paolo Calissano, 1 million euros disappeared from his accounts: his administrator and guardian investigated
The investigation by the tax police unit of the Guardia di Finanza, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Francesco Cardona Albini and the deputy Vittorio Ranieri Miniati, started after a complaint by Paolo Calissano’s family who had noticed the shortages and had filed a complaint for embezzlement. In December, when the Rome prosecutor’s office closed the investigation into the actor’s death, he integrated the lawsuit also assuming the circumvention of the incompetent.
The shortfall of 1 million Euros from Paolo Calissano’s accounts
The investigations by the Guardia di Finanza focus on a shortfall of around 1 million euros from Paolo Calissano’s accounts. Money that the actor would have earned through participation in various companies. One of these was Autopark V Maggio srl, which was later liquidated.
As reported by ANSA, the lawyer Santina Ierardi who assists the actor’s family members explains: “It is a delicate phase of the investigation and we do not comment on anything”. Among the operations being examined by the investigators there are about a dozen transfers started in 2019 from an account in the name of Paolo Calissano and destined for Minna, for expenses and financing of the Autopark. But compared to these transfers, the company’s accounts would show much lower allocations coming from Calissano.
The story that changed Paolo Calissano’s life
Paolo Calissano, a very famous actor in the 90s because he starred in some highly successful TV series and films, saw a sudden stop in his career in September 2005 when the Brazilian dancer Ana Lucia Bandeira Bezerra died of a cocaine overdose at his home in Genoa. The investigation terribly marked a working turning point for the actor who signed a four-year plea and entered a community. In 2006 the court appointed the lawyer Matteo Minna as the plaintiff’s support administrator.
Subsequently, depression came into Paolo Calissano’s life. An illness that never left him, as repeatedly mentioned by his brother Roberto, who said in an interview after the closure of the magistrates’ investigations: “I would like to free Paolo’s memory from the stigma of drug addiction. The prosecutor who investigated his death for eleven months had ordered a very thorough toxicological examination. The conclusion was that my brother did not die of drugs, but of an intoxication with antidepressant drugs”.

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