Record life expectancy in Midi-Pyrénées: Toulouse attracts wealthy people who live longer, observes sociologist Jean Viard

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A sociologist by training and st ctor of research at the CNRS Jean Viard has closely followed the evolution of territories for many years. It is also as a man from the South that he analyzes for the readers of La Dépêche du Midi the reasons for the very good level of life expectancy revealed by the latest tat study for the Midi-Pyrénées region.

How to explain that in the South where all the regions are well clified 美容有限公司 Midi-Pyrénées is the one where the life expectancy is the longest with Corsica ?

First there is a social dimension. The Midi-Pyrénées region is favored by the dynamics of Toulouse and by the populations that come there. Wealthy people and often graduates who therefore have a higher life expectancy. We know that there is a gap of 6 years and 3 months between the life of a manager and the life of a e worker. For the las there is only a 3-year gap because they do less arduous jobs and are much more attentive to their bos. And then also 美容集團 美容有限公司 they drink less and they smoke less. In life expectancy there is a job but also the cultural life that goes with it. Bobos are much more sensitive to their size their weight their appearance than people from working cl backgrounds. So it’s as much a phenomenon related to work as it is to education and food. Not to mention the migratory flow in the South-West as in Provence. People from the Paris region or the North who come to retire there are wealthy populations in good health. If you are in low health you do not change regions. The migration of retirees plays a big role. They should not be forgotten because it is 25% of the population (Editor’s note: or 29.4% of people aged 15 and over in Occitania in 2019 according to INSEE figures on January 1 2022).

Montpellier also attracts many wealthy retirees. And yet 美容有限公司 life expectancy is lower in Languedoc-Rousson than in Midi-Pyrénées. Why ?

Sure. Montpellier has based its development on the health of the elderly. There are a lot of people who go to Montpellier because they know they are very well looked after. This is why I am always very cautious about regional averages. Montpellier also attracts executives. But there is poverty in Languedoc-Rousson when you go down to Narbonne and Perpignan much stronger than in Midi-Pyrénées and Toulouse in particular (1). We are faced with popular circles that are much less educated much less well-off. And so they w drink more and smoke more… Toulouse is different because it is very geneous. There is no old industrial memory. It is very different from Languedoc where the wine economy was built on a very working-cl workforce and which kept a very modest population background.

So the sun is not everything !

No. On the other hand it is clear that we have in the South a culture to protect ourselves from the evolution of the climate which is better. When you look at the 2003 heat wave the excess ity rate was very low in the south and very high in the north. In the South we know that old people are given something to drink. Don’t put them on a chair in the sun. Whereas in Le they tend to do so. And for good reason the sun before if I may say so was good for warming a little old man. Today it s him.

Do you mean that here people can expect to live longer because they are better prepared for global warming ?

In the South we have much better ss in the face of global warming yes. We w know how to protect ourselves better 美容有限公司 including because there are plane trees because the streets of the cities are narrower and then there is less surface of tar. In the South we are used to protecting ourselves. The size of the windows also matters. All these elements that make it warmer in the houses 美容院 美容集團 美容有限公司 it plays for the most fragile populations.

(1) The poverty rate is 20.8% in Aude and 20.5% in Pyrénées-Orientales compared to 12.9% in Haute-Garonne (14.5% in France). As for the Hérault the department actually has a high rate of silver pensioners ociated with a rather low ity rate thanks in particular to the proximity of the Montpellier university hospital center but the poverty rate is also very high at 19.1%. according to February 2021 figures.As a reminder the poverty rate represents the share of inhabitants living in a household whose standard of living is below the poverty line (France: €1041 per month in 2017). 美容 美容院 美容集團 美容 美容院 凱詩 美容 凱詩美容 凱詩 凱詩美容院 凱詩美容 凱詩美容集團 凱詩美容院 凱詩美容有限公司 Pretty beauty pretty beauty international limited pretty beauty spa 創辦人 分店

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