Senegal: ARTP begins monitoring the investment obligations imposed on Sonatel, SAGA Africa Holdings and Expresso

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(Agence Ecofin) – In December 2021, the ARTP imposed an overall fine of $35 million on three telecom companies for poor quality of service. In response to an appeal filed by the operators concerned, the regulator decided to convert a large part of the penalties into investment obligations.
The Telecommunications and Posts Regulatory Authority (ARTP) of Senegal has launched a program to monitor the implementation of the additional investment plans it has demanded from the telecom operators Sonatel, SAGA Africa Holdings and Expresso Senegal for shortcomings their quality of service (QoS) obligations. The regulator entrusted this monitoring program to the Senegalese firm “ LO & KAMARA ”.
For the realization of the project, the firm has implemented a strategy based on four essential components: technical, legal, financial and communication. The firm has also identified all the stakeholders essential to the proper implementation of the project and is counting on the involvement of all employees for the total success of this approach.
Last April, the ARTP announced its decision to readjust the financial penalties it had imposed in December 2021 on Sonatel, SAGA Africa Holdings and Expresso Senegal for poor quality of service. The regulator reduced the overall fine, but required that the telecom operators concerned devote a specific envelope to improving the coverage and quality of their services before December 2023. This is in addition to the binding annual obligations of the notebooks costs of these operators.
According to Abdoul Ly, Director General of ARTP, the project will not only solve the recurring problems related to the coverage and quality of services provided by mobile network operators, but also restore consumer confidence in -regulator screw.
Isaac K. Kassouwi
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