Sesto Sicura: request for funding for the introduction of new video surveillance systems to prevent illegality and promote safety

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In 2018 the Administration of Sesto San Giovanni signed an agreement which identifies how
priority objective for the prevention and contrast of widespread crime phenomena, the installation of video surveillance systems.
Wishing to follow up on the signed agreement and having planned a plan for the expansion, renewal and development of its city video surveillance system to ensure greater safety, better environmental quality and a widespread contrast to the forms of illegality that may occur in the area, the Municipality of Sesto has requested access to the funds arranged by the Ministry of the Interior, for an amount equal to 250,000.00 euros, to expand the video surveillance systems.
“Our goal is to increase and improve the number of control systems we already have and which we have set up to promote local safety and prevent crime and degradation” commented Mayor Roberto Di Stefano.
The project aims to position new video surveillance points in the area of ​​Sesto San Giovanni in some areas of the city that currently do not have remote control by the local police operations centre.
All the points that will be added will, once installed, be consulted and supervised by the police thanks to the creation of the two control stations already planned and soon to be installed both at the operations center of the Carabinieri Command and at the State Police.
Furthermore, the project provides for the strengthening of the optical fiber network for proprietary use by extending the currently active infrastructure in support of two different proprietary LAN networks present in the area (Città Metropolitana optical fiber, Open Fi – ber optical fiber).

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