Six thousand in Tarzo for the Carnival

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TARZO – After a two-year hiatus, the streets of Tarzo were once again filled up with masks, confetti and allegorical floats on Sunday afternoon to officially kick off the Carnival. Inserted in the thirty-second Candlemas Festival, a tradition that adds up to tradition, the parade of allegorical floats was staged in Tarzo for the 39th edition. A record participation with about 6 thousand people present for the event which once again inaugurated the Carnevali di Marca season in grand style, a kermesse which this year, until Shrove Tuesday, includes 22 appointments, one more eagerly awaited than the other .

To precede the Tarzo parade, the dancing group of the Movimento Fitness gym of Tarzo. Then, accompanied by the voice of Moreno Meneguz, ten masked floats made their way through the streets of the town, the result of the ingenuity, creativity and passion of groups of volunteers linked to parishes, schools and celebration committees. These were the Fon Fierun group from Corbanese with the float “The madness of Brexit”, the Parish float group from Nervesa della Battaglia (theme: “King Charles”), the Coriandolando group for Pieve di Soligo (“The Aristocats”), the Dal Santo group of Prata di Pordenone (“60s-70s, Grease”), of the Celebrations association of Sernaglia della Battaglia (“Totò e lu caffè”), of the Boys 80s association of Lovadina (“Beast that beautiful”) , of the San Rocco di Gaiarine Celebration Committee (“Sonic”), of the Amici di Susegana group (“Far West”), of the CER Soligo group of Farra di Soligo (“Looney Toons”) and of the Allegra Comitiva di Bidasio di Nervesa of the Battaglia (“The Pirates”).

Once the Tarzo fashion show has been archived, next weekend it will continue with four appointments: in Nervesa della Battaglia, on Saturday 28 January, in Carbonera, Pieve del Grappa and Susegana on Sunday 29 January.

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