The child of the volcano: the quest for a family bond

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Life is tough in Saint-Avre, a village in the Creuse, emptied by the rural exodus. Until this news, which worries the inhabitants: the castle will become an orphanage where children from elsewhere will be welcomed. Among them, Mila, a little girl from Reunion, torn from her island and her family.
The little girl finds a little comfort with Ernestine and Hector, a childless couple. Between them, a deep attachment is created which annoys the administrative authorities.
Beyond the facts, The Child of the Volcano evokes, with great sensitivity, the meeting of magnificent characters in search of a family bond.
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Ghyslène Marin is 57 years old, and she is a professor of Letters in Paris. She is what is called a “Child of Creuse”: one of the thousands of young Reunionese who were exiled to France by the State between 1964 and 1984 in order to repopulate the regions emptied by the rural exodus.
His son, Léo Marin, 22, studied philosophy and economics at Henri IV and McGill. He joined Cours Florent in September 2022. They co-wrote this first novel, very inspired by the moving story of Ghyslène Marin.

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