The great explosion of folk in Spain: the music of the grandparents is the most modern

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The anecdote is picturesque, but also eloquent. Night of July 24, 2021 in Paredes de Nava, a small town in Tierra de Campos Palencia. The phone of the singer, guitarist and main voice of the traditional Castilian music group El Naán rings a few minutes before starting a music and poetry recital before barely a hundred spectators. An unknown phone number flashes on the screen, but curiosity prompts him in his last breath to answer the call. “Carlos Herrero?” He apologizes for the inconvenience. I’m Juanma Latorre, I don’t know if the name sounds familiar to you.–Well right now I’m not falling for it, really.–Don’t worry. I’m a guitarist and composer for a group called Vetusta Morla.–Ah, yes. That already wants to sound a little more to me. Latorre wanted to offer the authors of Panaderas de pan duro the possibility of collaborating with them in the first live performance of Finisterre, the advance of what would be, at the end of that same 2021, the fifth album of his illustrious band: Cable a tierra. Just two days after that perplexed and stumbling conversation, the members of El Naán were sharing the stage with Vetusta Morla at the Teatro Real itself. Thus culminated the trip from Tabanera de Cerrato, the humble village of Palencia where they live in adobe houses, to the neoclassical architecture of one of the most prestigious scenarios on the continent.
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