The Palaverde derby in Trieste

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TREVISO – Triveneto derby at Palaverde, packed with over 5,000 people for the challenge between Nutribullet Treviso and Allianz Trieste, which is also a day dedicated to AVIS with 800 donors in the stands and awareness-raising activities on the topic of blood donation before the race. Team quintets: Nutribullet TVB starts with Iroegbu, Banks, Sokolowski, Sorokas and Cooke, coach Legovich replies with Deangeli, Pacher, Barley, Davis and Spencer

The most effective start is that of the guests, 2-6, but the dunk by Sorokas and a basket by the ex Banks put things back in order and in the 3rd minute it is 6-6. Overtaking is still by a wild Sorokas, but Spencer equalizes in a good duel under the planks. The first quarter is played at a calm pace, despite the attempts to accelerate by the Treviso players, the Giulians manage to harness the home attack forced to play in lined up defense, in the 6th minute Trieste is ahead 10-14. The home team continues to struggle in attack and is punished by an infallible Spencer (12 points in the first quarter with 6/7) who extends to +8 with two baskets: 10-18 and time out by coach Nicola in the 7th minute. Enter Jantunen and captain Zanelli, who immediately scores. But Allianz is not there and continues to increase the lead (+11) with Barley who scores repeatedly (9 in the first quarter) for the 12-23 in the 8th minute. Driven by her fans, the Nutribullet goes back up with Zanelli’s 2+1 and “Soko’s” 2/2 from the line: 17-23 and the first shoulder absorbed by the home team. The Finnish Jantunen places the triple from the corner which is worth the 19-25 with which the first quarter closes.

The second quarter sees another wave of the halberds who with the energy from the bench of Ruzzier and the former Vildera push up to the new +11 (19-30) in the 12th minute. The attack continues to struggle so Ike Iroegbu takes the weight of the attack on his shoulders, 5 points in a row to keep the home team on the waterline (24-33 in the 14th minute). It takes more than that to give life to an offensive phase that cannot find the solution to the aggressive defense of the Trieste who, by recovering balls and comfortable rebounds, can relax in attack, the usual Spencer finds the maximum advantage from below: 24-37 in the 16th minute . However, TVB does not give up and with great intensity nibbles a few points and gets closer with Sorokas and Iroegbu, in the 17th minute it is Legovich who asks for a time out on +7 for his 30-37). The period ends with Sorokas’ dunk (10 points at halftime) for the 34-41 that sends the teams to the locker room.

Play resumed and the match remained on the same track, with TVB chasing and Spencer hitting from below, while Trieste in defense presented itself in the area. Barley crosses the double digits with the triple of the new +12 (34-46), with the hosts who continue to argue with the iron (0/9 from three at the interval) and do not score for the first 2 minutes. Derek Cooke, another ex, takes care of it, after a first half without conclusions on the first attempt he scores and it is his -10. Important signals also from MIchal Sokolowski who works well in the low post, 2+1, then an anti-sportsman from Barley seems to be able to unblock the Treviso comeback, but Ruzzier and his teammates always respond with excellent solutions in attack and in the 15th minute Allianz is still ahead: 43-55. Coach Nicola also deploys his players in the area to change the scenario, some good recoveries arrive, but on the upsets in front of TVB he fails to hit the target (0/12 from three team). The gap widens, Ruzzier scores from a very long distance and the Trieste crowd celebrates +15 (44-59) in the 27th minute. In the 28th minute Nutribullet TVB’s first three-point target arrives, thanks to Jantunen, then Zanelli from the line brings Treviso back to -10 (49-59). Cooke and his companions raise the defensive intensity in the final quarter and ignite the Palaverde crowd who try to push the team into an increasingly complicated match: Ike Iroegbu signs the -8 (51-59) in the 29th minute with his first basket of the third quarter. We go to the last mini break at 51-61 with Lever’s final points for the guests.

Lever starts the last quarter with a triple leg cutter for a TVB who continues to struggle in attack, then Gaines also shoots from afar, but Jantunen (the only one to shoot from the arc so far) responds this time, echoed by Sorokas (the Treviso’s best scorer and rebounder at the end with 22+9 and also 3 assists), but the two big Italians Lever and Vildera continue to hurt under the basket and Nutribullet TVB sinks again to -14 (57-71) with 7′ from to play. The shoulder of the Giuliani this time leaves no way out for TVB who, despite a combative Sokolowski (15 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists)) loses his bearings and finds himself at -18 (57-75) with 6’30” to play.Without the baskets of the Banks-Iroegbu duo and with a deficient three-point percentage, it’s tough for Nutribullet Treviso Basket to come up with a comeback and Allianz Trieste without excessive worries rejects the latest unrealistic assault by the biancocelesti and brings in a large and deserved victory that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of the Palaverde audience.


NUTRIBULLETS: Iroegbu 13 (5-8, 0-6), Banks 2 (1-3, 0-4), Sokolowski 15 (4-9, 0-2), Sorokas 22 (6-7, 2-4), Cooke 2 (1-2); Zanelli 7 (2-4, 0-5), Jantunen 8 (1-3, 2-3). Ne: Sarto, Jurkatamm, Faggian, Scandiuzzi, Simioni. All.: Nicholas
TRIESTE: Davis 2 (0-2, 0-1), Bartley 20 (2-8, 4-7), Deangeli 5 (2-3, 0-2), Pacher 2 (1-3, 0-3), Spencer 16 (8-9); Gaines 14 (1-5, 3-4), Ruzzier 12 (2-3, 2-3), Campogrande 0 (0-1 of 3), Vildera 7 (3-3), Lever 10 (1-2, 2 -4). Ne: Bossi. All.: Legovich
REFEREES: Lo Guzzo, Paglialunga, Valleriani
NOTES: partials 19-25, 34-41, 51-61. T.l.: TV 17/21, TS 15/19. From 2: TV 20/36, TS 20/37. From 3: TV 4/23, TS 11/25. Reimbursement: TV 30 (7 0ff., Sorokas 9), TS 39 (10 off., Spencer 11). Abs.: TV 14 (Zanelli and Banks 4), TS 18 (Ruzzier 6). Lost: TV 13, TS 15. Rec.: TV 11, TS 7. Unsportsmanlike Bartley in the 25th minute. Coach Nicola in the 33rd minute.
Spectators 4855

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