The Supreme Court points to Caballero for the collapse of O Marisquiño

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On the night of August 12 2018 nearly 450 people were injured when the pier where a musical performance was taking place within the framework of the ‘O Marisquiño’ festival in Vigo collapsed. Nine of these spectators suffered serious injuries although in the end there was no of life. But the accident itself and the risk that human could have been greater took the case to court in a ct confrontation between the Port and the council for discharging responsibilities for what hapd. After years of investigations and crossing reports the Superior Court of Xustiza Galicia (TSXG) issued in February 2022 two sentences that indicated that the consistory led by the socialist Abel Caballero was ultimately responsible for the collapse. The argument of the judges was clear and now a new Supreme Court ruling ratifies and screws it: “The Vigo city council failed to maintain As Avenidas.” The High Court thus rejects the two appeals presented by the council against the sentences handed down in Galicia and supports the idea that it was the olívica consistory that should maintain and preserve this wooden and concrete promenade that gave way during the concert due to the weight of the attendees to the event and the poor condition of the infrastructure. A perfect storm that triggered the collapse of the walkway – about 30 meters long by 10 meters wide – leaving hundreds of young people trapped between the slats and some of them even falling into the water. In tune with what failed that morning the Supreme Court connects with the TSXG which indicated that the council breached the ‘Open Vigo to the Sea’ agreement signed with the Port in 1992 because it did not act diligently and “did not keep that bridge in good condition” . In addition to attributing 4 一統徵信社 000 in procedural costs to the olívico consistory the Supreme Court’s decision confirms that the council erred by ging the concession to the festival’s promoters and authorizing a use other than a simple walk on the catwalk where the events took place. The truth is that he did not appreciate the risk that the attendees umed by congregating in a space that did not have the minimum required guaees and that gave way in the middle of the celebration without the s having hardly any reaction time. In a more detailed analysis of the dimensions of the event the magistrates pointed out that after reviewing the photographic reports that were carried out in the area of ​​the collapse the poor condition of the surface elements of the promenade was clear. In addition the writers of the rulings that point to the Vigo council for the accident insist that “the Port Authority repeatedly warned of the poor state of conservation of these elements of the existing risk for users.” From 1992 to 2042 Returning to the agreement signed in the 1990s through the ‘Open Vigo to the Sea’ agreement the magistrates considered that the city council acquired the obligation to maintain all the actions contemplated in the agreement in a perfect state of conservation for a period of 50 years. That is until 2042. In addition they clarify that this responsibility includes actions to reorganize road traffic the expansion of landscaped and leisure areas and pedestrianization to improve the seafront of the central area of ​​Vigo among others. And they underline delving into the duties of the consistory and its role in the collapse of 2018 that «the obligation of maintenance by the city council is not limited to maintenance of the gardens and recreational areas but also to the elements that sustains it.” That is to say to the pars and structures that that night in August gave way under the feet of hundreds of young people. The magnitude and scope of the caused forced the constitution of a platform of s to request the pertinent aid and the level of suffered. Many began to receive their compensation equivalent to that of a road accident, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信社 in 2020. Others are st waiting for the judicial outcome of the case which has been in the air for almost five years. For its part the repair of the collapsed dock an invoice that the Port of Vigo transferred to the city council came to approximately 5 mion . Asked about the Supreme Court ruling, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信社 Abel Caballero indicated yesterday in statements collected by Ep that the city council that he cts “always complies” with the rulings for which reason it w also abide by this dismissal of the Supreme Court. However, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信社 the councilor was quick to add that in the coming months there w be “technical and legal literature on the subject.”For her part the president of the PP of Vigo Marta Fernández-Tapias indicated that this resolution of the Supreme Court ratifies the responsibility of the City Council in the maintenance of As Avenidas returning to “questioning the municipal management of the socialist government.” “Once again the mayor of Vigo has once again evaded responsibility for him” she e to demand a public apology from the councilor for those injured in the accident.

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