University Theater Expression presents “Where the sparrows die”

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The University Theater Expresión, dependent on the Arturo Prat University, within the framework of the XLIV Theatrical Season, during the month of January will carry out a cycle of performances on Saturdays, at 9:00 p.m., in the Sala Veteranos del 79, with the work “Where the sparrows die”, dramaturgy by Iván Vera-Pinto.

Four intense stories are combined in this production: “The Collector”, “El Cebolla y la Ale”, “Por la dignidad” and “Belleza fatale”, whose themes address experiential, intimate and unusual snippets of beings torn between dreams, frustrations, antagonisms, pain, anger and love, contained within a postmodern, cold and dark society. All these plots are developed with an emotional, sarcastic and scathing tinkle, typical of this writer’s pen. The dialogues, with brevity and simplicity, navigate in the depths of small daily epics, revealing blessed or cursed characters, depending on how you look at it, who are marked by hard, real, contradictory and sometimes fantastic and absurd facts and situations.

During the past year, this theatrical piece was very well received and applauded by the local public who managed to witness it, since the theme, the form and, above all, some characters are associated with our daily lives, whose existences are revealed with sarcasm, awakening reflection and the shock of the attendees. Deep down, it is a work that speaks, in a stark way, about our lives and society, leaving no one indifferent.

The cast is made up of: Patricia Torres, Andro Gárate, Juan Carlos Medina, Tito Alarcón and Mané Escobar. The theatrical production and design is the responsibility of Jeannette Baeza, and the general artistic direction belongs to Professor Iván Vera-Pinto.

In addition, this Saturday the 14th there will be the participation of the national singer-songwriter Harold Hurtado; a creator and performer with vast experience in different stages of the capital, who sings of love, heartbreak and social contingency. On this occasion, the artist will present a brief repertoire with his main compositions. In such a way, in a single show the public will be able to enjoy music and theater.

For this Saturday, the Iquique community and, especially, tourists who visit us are invited to discover a historic venue such as the Sala Veteranos del 79, and at the same time support this prestigious theatrical cast, which has a long history 44 years old on the local scene.
The entry Teatro Universitario Expresión presents “Where the sparrows die” was first published in El Reportero de Iquique.

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