W there be a new Filomena at the beginning of 2023?

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The Filomena storm took place between January 6 and 11 2021. One of the most affected regions was rid. During Friday January 8 the fall produced by the storm exceeded all estimates and on Saturday January 9 the capital woke up completely paralyzed. Now there are those who ask themselves the question of whether there is a possibility of a similar phenomenon occurring. The weather in the first month of the year Well 一統徵信個資 according to what the portal ‘El Tiempo’ has published it is expected that the month of January 2023 present above-average temperatures at this time of year 一統徵信個資 especially in the south of the peninsula and in both archipelagos. “Regarding rainfall only positive precipitation anoies are highlighted (that is rainfall slightly above what expected at this time) in the Canary archipelago” he points out. In 2022 the month of January was the tenth warmest of the 21st century with an average temperature in the peninsular temperature of 6.4 degrees. Regarding rainfall it was an extremely dry month with barely 26% of the nor value. It was the fifth driest month of January since 1961.Drop in temperaturesThe State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) warns of a notable and practically generalized drop in temperatures except in the Mediterranean area. Values ​​more typical of this time of year w be reached and weak frosts w occur in inland areas especially in the northwest quad. The cold front, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信個資 which has entered through the northwest of the peninsula continues its path to the east activity. In its wake it is causing precipitation in the interior and central strip of the eastern half of the peninsula. As of January 5 morning mists and mists are expected in the extreme north of the peninsula. On January 6 Three Kings Day full ility is expected with no rain in any area. The temperatures w be mild in the Mediterranean and in rid the thermometers w reach a maximum of 12 degrees. For January 6 and 7 一統徵信個資 the Aemet forecast is as follows: «With a margin of uncertainty ociated with a longer term of prediction it is likely that on Saturday a front w begin to trate Galicia leaving rainfall in Galicia and Cantabria which on Sunday could spread to the rest of the western half of the peninsula. Nighttime temperatures w tend to rise while no major changes are expected in daytime. The le environment in the Canary Islands w remain.”, 一統徵信詐欺

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