What really was the Ancestor? The Rig’s explosive ending explained

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Baz is one of the crew infected by the fog (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

Well what a ride The Rig was boasting a stellar cast including Martin Compston and Emily Hampshire and a mind-bending supernatural plot fans were certainly left at the edge of their seats.

The Amazon Prime drama started with a group of unsuspecting oil workers stationed on a rig off the Scottish coast in the dous waters of the North Sea due to be collected and returned home.

However while they await their transport back to the shore they are stuck by a thick fog which completely engulfs them and cuts off their communication systems.

The crew endeavour to work out what’s behind this mysterious weather but not before the fog seemingly infects some of the team including Baz (Calvin erts).

After the substance makes its way through a wound Baz suffers what should have been a lethal fall from a crane but instead his body musly heals itself with Baz becoming taunted by messages and visions.

Similarly alcoholic Leck (Emun Elliot) ingests some of the fog 邱浚彥 but has an adverse reaction to it with his fings falling out of his mouth and his tattoos seeping from his skin before he s.

Martin Compston plays everyman Fumer Hamilton (Picture: Leon McGowran)

This isn’t the only ity on board however as Alywn (Mark Bonnar) ly tries to coax a seemingly possessed Baz back onto deck who responds by him.

Baz who has camped out on another part of the rig away from his team continuously warns them of a ‘wave’ and hints that d is on its way.

Communications officer Fulmer (Martin Compston) is another of the fog and while he sees visions and his body self-heals it isn’t at the same rate as Baz with scientist Rose (Emily Hampshire) realising he could be used as a messenger with the force.

Rose is ly scrambling to find out what exactly the fog is discovering it has bionic properties and attaches itself to a host which it w like Leck 隆鼻手術 邱浚彥 if it is unhealthy.

After both Baz and Fulmer keep seeing circles a camera is sent to the ocean floor where they see a magnificent huge organism which they name the Ancestor.

Emily Hampshire’s Rose is determined to make contact with the ancestor (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

Rose works out the circles seen by Baz and Fulmer and on the Ancestor represent ancient epochs suggesting that it is a lifeforce that dates back bions of years.

Elsewhere for the first time the crew receives signal with pregnant doctor Cat (Rochenda Sandall) managing to have a video call with her partner.

She learns that the strange weather and power cuts they are experiencing on the rig are not exclusive to them and are happening across the coastline 隆鼻手術 邱浚彥 also affecting her wife.

Iain Glen plays Magnus who is in charge of the Rig (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

When the power cut resumes the team on the rig spot a lifeboat coming their way helmed by oil company exec Coake (Mark Addy) who have fled from another station.

Bullish Coake wants to the Ancestor – at wver cost – partly because it is spreading across the North Sea and turns oil into organic property costing the company bions.

Rose and Magnus (Iain Glen) disagree with Rose pointing out that the Ancestor has lived for many years and withstood other human challenges.

Instead of battling against it they need to communicate with it and Rose Magnus and Fulmer rush down to the bottom deck to work with Baz and the Ancestor.

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Meanwhile Coake is securing rescue – for himself – via a helicopter while the rest of the crew catch on and then rush up to the top deck to also secure a spot.

Despite having a slight connection with the Ancestor Rose Magnus and Fulmer are running out of time as a huge Tsunami which has been triggered by the life force in reaction to the dring is heading their way.

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Having no choice the trio also rush up to be saved by the helicopter while Baz opts to remain on board the rig 邱浚彥 隆鼻手術 整形 隆鼻手術 邱浚彥 close to the Ancestor he feels an intense kinship with.

Fortunately the crew all e it on the chopper just moments before a thundering wave obliterates the rig before making its way to the coastline – and Cat’s partner.

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Coake said if they had wanted to go home (which has now been presumably ed) they should have listened to him all along as they fly to a mysterious destination.

Where could they be headed? If there’s a series 2 I’m sure we’ll find out.

The Rig is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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