With JpC in crisis, Schiaretti already shows El Panal to Llaryora

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By Gabriel Silva While the opposition arch of Together for Change (JpC) continues in full internalism and immersed in a context of uncertainty, Governor Juan Schiaretti accelerated the gestures for who he claims to be his successor: Mayor Martín Llaryora. And he accentuates those winks with what some are beginning to hold in the PJ as “showing the house.” Review the amenities of the Honeycomb and define behind closed doors what the 2023 strategy will be. In a scheme that includes not only the date, but also a discussion that was restarted in recent days: stick or not the date. With the January photo, the expectation in Peronism increased as uncertainty, the lack of leadership and also the absence of verticality became common denominators in the opposition. All this, added to the general anger caused in the leadership by the vacations of Senator Luis Juez and Deputy Rodrigo de Loredo, the two highest-grossing men in the opposition alliance. On top of that, the leader of the Civic Front returned this week and heated up the spirits in the coalition from the approach to Domingo Cavallo, generating the anger of radicalism, shaking the file through what the former Minister of Economy of the Alliance meant; and also using his bishops to provoke the man of Evolution for the lack of agreement and the diaspora with which some threaten radicalism. “The turncoat radicals (by those who speak with Llaryora) are responsible for De Loredo’s lack of leadership and lack of definition,” they repeat within the judiciary, while resisting the onslaught of the rest of the partners who rush regulation and internal. While all this is happening, Peronism closes the ranks of their own and enlists them behind Schiaretti and Llaryora. Even for those who are not sold on the governor’s national launch. In recent days, a mayor with a very good relationship with the Civic Center acknowledged Alfil in a strict offline that he sees the presidential chances of one of the founding members of Cordoba as “very difficult” and hastened to point out “if ‘el Gringo’ me He gets to hear saying this, it kills me.” Still, that mess is not going to be exposed. Never. Less when the mere expression in a public way can anger and threaten to disrupt the 2023 plans of the Cordovan PJ. Even when they see the national chances of the owner of the main office of the Honeycomb slim, they will say that there is no better alternative for Córdoba than “Schiaretti President and Governor Llaryora.” Although alchemy lacks and the year is long. Yesterday, a person who came directly to Llaryora also acknowledged that the date of the provincial election has the governor as the sole owner of the pen. Unlike other months, not even at the small table dared to question the strategy. Scheme in which, there are not a few who return to reason with national agreements, the incidence of former president Mauricio Macri in collusion and pact mode with Schiaretti; and the role that a player that few look at for now can play: the governor of Jujuy and president of the UCR, Gerardo Morales. Poll, date and split election? From the offices of the Honeycomb and the 6 de Julio Palace, they exchange surveys almost daily. The numbers come and go; strategies, too. But they know that the pen to define the date has only one owner and that, for this reason, the opposition’s questions are directed at him, at Schiaretti. Pure llaryorism does not resign its wishes for May, although it knows that the discourse of institutionality and federalism that the governor impregnates at this stage makes it difficult. Likewise, yesterday a member of the municipal Executive recognized that the detached dates can be shaken again, something that a good part of the local cabinet disbelieves. “Martín goes inside to ask for the elections to stick with the provincial one and, is he going to take off? I don’t know, I see it as difficult,” acknowledged another municipal source. The same, thinking of a plebiscite for a management that has a very good image like the municipal one; and the alternative of splitting to prevent double candidacy is an option. That for now is not quoted, it is true. But that is being considered with a fractional opposition: some do not see a bad May for the municipal and weeks later, in June, the provincial. Joint campaign and provincial outcome having retained the Capital. Provincial and national overview. While this is being discussed, Llaryora remains close to Schiaretti’s ministers and accentuates the provincial tours. Yesterday, there was a stopover in La Calera and a meeting with the local mayor, Facundo Rufeil, in an act in which the radical head of the Metropolitan Entity, Myrian Prunotto, also participated. After this, Llaryora left for Río Primero. With the provincial front closed, schiarettismo hit the national scene yesterday.Deputy Carlos Gutiérrez said about the extraordinary sessions that the ruling party intends to call “”we are not going to lend ourselves to this tasteless blackmail.” “They had announced the start-up of the commission contemplating regulatory conditions, and as soon as it started it became what we expected: a circus that has nothing to do with what Argentines need. For this reason, Argentines look the other way, every day we move further away from the agenda of the issues that the country needs to be addressed. Clear posture and wink for the second semester. The entry With JpC in crisis, Schiaretti already shows Llaryora El Panal was first published in Diario Alfil.

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