Andrea Echeverri: “I represent the non-glamour side, that of looking at the essence”

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Andrea Echeverri presented Tropifolk. Photo: I.G. The Colombian musician and founder of the band “Aterciopelados”, Andrea Echeverri, during her time in Argentina, spoke about the upcoming festivities for the mythical album “El Dorado”, her feminist militancy in songs and the presentation of her album “Tropiplop”. Echeverri together with her partner Héctor Buitrago presented the last album born in a pandemic in the Palermo Groove space in Buenos Aires with sold-out locations: “It was a beautiful trip where they made us feel our relevance. I felt that I had inaugurated a freer, more diverse female space, emancipated from stereotypes, many girls approached me and we cried together, it was so exciting”. Andrea Echeverri surprised with her stage display where she wore more than ten costume changes, a six-breasted corset by Dat García, a cape with multicolored lights and even emerged from a vulva of pink fabrics as if she had been reborn, designed by Visha Carinio while singing some of the new hits: “Meditacielo”, his version of “la Ciudad de La Furia” by Gustavo Cerati and “Antidiva”. Interview with Andrea Echeverri. “Show business is a strange place, full of competition and glamour, I represent the non-glamour side, like naturalness and looking at the essence, not appearances. When you have a devoted audience, you leave recharged with strength to continue in the fight”, expressed the creator of one of the standard rock bands in Spanish. The composer, when speaking about the spirit of the album “Tropiplop”, recounted: “The plop is from “Condorito”, when you turn your back, when you can’t believe that such an extreme and absurd situation is real; “Aterciopelados” has always reflected reality, criticizing and reflecting, very rebellious but at the same time sowing thought to defend oneself against what one supposedly has to be or how one has to look””Feminism, anti-war, environmental, defense of the ancestral have always been themes that have visited us and there are other things that happened in the pandemic that caused other songs to come out, everything became deeper and more urgent ”. The feminist militant highlighted her project “Ovarios Calvarios” where she sings to the victims of sexual violence in Colombia and recalled “when I was at university I read Simone de Beauvoir, she said that high heels, long nails, a tight corset, the only thing they did was that we could not perform as much as men; When I was little, I always felt more like a boy than a girl, I liked to get muddy and not sit still with some dolls”. “I have always felt that I want to put on other clothes, being“ Business ”, she has had to defend that space. My colleagues and singers may be fat and ugly but women deal with much more pressure, very superficial and stupid. We are deep and diverse, there are many types and they cannot make us one-dimensional”. she mused herself. Antidive

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