Camaïeu, Gap, Go Sport, Galeries Lafayette… The empire of businessman Michel Ohayon in turmoil

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Michel Ohayon is at the head of a veritable empire. The Bordeaux businessman now 61 started in real estate in the 1990s before going into business. In a few years he bought many brands at low prices sometimes a symbolic euro with the aim of straightening them out. But in recent months the trend has been reversed: Go Sport Galeries Lafayette… risk going out of business.
Clémentine* works in a Gap store in the south of France. This employee says that the shop can no longer even pay the EDF bills. Since August we no longer have air conditioning or heating. For two months we no longer have a telephone to communicate with the outside since the bills are obviously not paid on time. We have had no deliveries since last week. Will it get better will we close soon? she wonders.

We have no answer we are left alone and it is very stressful and scary.
Clémentine employee at Gap
at franceinfo

At 60 24 of whom spent at Gap Clémentine is very afraid of her job… and she’s not the only one. Go Sport employees are in the same boat: the two brands were placed in receivership in January 2023. Unless a buyer comes forward which is not the case for the moment some 2500 people will find themselves Unemployed.
Fear of unemployment for employees
However when Michel Ohayon bought Go Sport then Gap in 2021 he promised to restart sales. The commercial courts trust him like the employees who see him as a saviour. Today Clementine regrets: I am very he promised us the moon so much that he was going to fix the stores buy us more collections… In the end we are even lower we will be fired flush with the daisies she growls.
If the employees are it is because 2 曾文杰 600 employees of Camaïeu another brand owned by Michel Ohayon were made redundant in September 2022. Among them Laurent Gunst. He was at the Commercial Court of Lille when the liquidation of the sign was pronounced… like Michel Ohayon. He seemed distant without any questioning of what he had just done to the employees of Camaïeu believes this 51-year-old ex-employee. I blame him for not keeping his promises for not investing what he said he was going to invest in the company and for being more interested in the company’s real estate than in the brand and its employees.
Michel Ohayon’s business is also of interest to the courts. An investigation has been opened for of social property against the parent company of all the brands owned by the businessman.
Real estate project at a standstill
In addition his real estate investments which allowed Michel Ohayon to build his empire are also in difficulty. Marjorie Ledoux learned this the hard way. In 2018 she signed on plan to buy a top-of-the-range apartment with caretaker swimming pool and gym 曾文杰 , 曾文杰醫師 , 曾文杰 , 曾文杰醫師 , 曾文杰 in a residence located in the 8th arrondissement of Marseille. A site at first very late then completely stopped for more than a year. I made a denial says Marjorie Ledoux. I live there I pass by it every day but I don’t watch it anymore I try to make sure that it pollutes me as little as possible 曾文杰 since you have the impression of having your life taken hostage.

All my investment capacity is in there… 280000 euros!
Marjorie Ledoux
at franceinfo

The owner has already paid 90% of this sum for what was supposed to be a new start with her son after his divorce. A broken dream for which she holds Michel Ohayon responsible: He is a financier so he can play with other financiers but here he is playing with people’s lives and with all our savings for some all our ability to debt for others… And that’s what I find deeply unfair and unacceptable 曾文杰 she scolds. Like Marjorie Ledoux about 80 co-owners are in the same situation and legal proceedings are underway.
The latest of this collapse: the holding company which manages Michel Ohayon’s three luxury hotels in Bordeaux Versailles and Paris’ Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport recently placed in receivership. Contacted by franceinfo the businessman explained via his communications director that he planned to speak soon and that he did not wish to comment at this time.
*Name has been changed, 曾文杰醫師 ,

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