Carlos Herrera gets wet after Barça’s new European elimination: As Laporta says…

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The communicator analyzes the defeat of Xavi’s men against Manchester United that leaves them out of European competitions This Thursday, the Barcelona Football Club said goodbye to European competitions. Manchester United eliminated the Catalans after winning 2-1 in the second leg of the round of 32. After the draw in the first leg (2-2), the men led by Erik ten Hag added a definitive victory to leave their rival alive in two competitions: the League and the Copa del Rey. Although Barcelona took the lead in the first part with a goal from the penalty spot by Robert Lewandowski, in the second the Brazilians Fred and Antony, in minutes 46 and 74, turned the score around to seal Manchester United’s ticket to the round of 16. The streak Barça in Europe has not improved, and the curse dates back seven years, the last time they were European champions at the hands of Neymar, Luis Suárez and Leo Messi. Despite this defeat, Xavi’s men continue with the league on track, with a Copa del Rey semifinal on the horizon and a Spanish Super Cup won. Carlos Herrera’s analysis after Barcelona’s defeat in the Europa League Once again, Carlos Herrera He has once again shown that he is a great football fan, analyzing the defeat of Xavi’s men. He has been in his usual talk with Naranjo, in which he listens to the listeners and answers the ‘question’ of the day. In this case, it came from Fuerteventura and said: hey Herrera, is it more difficult for Vox to win the motion of no confidence or for Barça to win in Europe? After listening to the question, the communicator asked if it was a rhetorical question and He pointed out that when there are questions of this type, you have to answer them in two stages and disconnect the first from the second. On the one hand, he assured that the motion of censure is difficult for this and on the other, before going on to analyze the sporting issue. ?? Carlos Herrera anticipates what can happen with Barça’s payments by the referees: If Real Madrid does it…?? The communicator has reviewed the chronology of the events at @herreraencope and has analyzed the data for Barcelona between 2016 and 2018— COPE (@COPE) February 16, 2023 Now the second half and the second half is Barça does not have in the European competitions the success because they do have other teams, especially some Spanish and other Europeans. Yesterday it was seen, the Europa League, not even the Champions League, although United is a good team, it is one of the teams that is there called to win. After the communicator’s words, one of the collaborators could not help but add: What Europe does not have is arbitration complicity, some say, to which Herrera added, that was before, it is also a Madrid thing as Laporta says, here in Catalonia no one talks about this. Those of Barça do not speak of course because it is not convenient for them.

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