Eurozapping: pension reform in Belgium, increase in the Spanish minimum wage, job cuts in Germany

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Belgium is in turn preparing a pension reform. To meet the requirements of the European Commission and obtain new credits, it must present a balanced pension plan. To find the necessary money, one of the avenues is to tax more supplementary pensions that employees have saved within their companies. High earners are the most targeted.
Spain increases its minimum wage
Daniela, a Spanish caregiver, will receive 8% more salary. The minimum wage is indeed increased to 1,260 euros per month in Spain. This cost, we won’t be able to pass it on to our final price, that’s the problem, assures Oscar Moret, orchard owner. However, more than two million workers will benefit financially. Germany is hit hard by the layoffs decided by Ford. Of the 3,800 jobs cut in Europe, 2,300 are in the country. In a German factory, the employees are nevertheless relieved: there will be no dry layoffs, only early retirements.

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