From the Château de Chantilly to the imaginary gardens of Dali and Giacometti: 5 exhibitions to do in Paris this weekend

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Drawings photographs paintings… an anthology of fabulous exhibitions are underway in Paris! The Château de Chantilly tells us the story of its reconstruction thanks to the photographs of the late Duke of Aumale when the Center Pompidou exhibits the incredible donation of more than 300 drawings by the sculptor Giuseppe Penone. Art Deco is honored thanks to the innovative and traditional works of René Crevel at the Saint-Cloud Museum of Art and History while the Giacometti Institute takes us on a journey through Dali’s dreamlike garden. and Alberto Giacometti. Finally the eclectic creations of Katia Kameli can be admired at the Institute of Islamic Cultures. Here are 5 exhibitions to discover in Paris this weekend.

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1. The prodigious photo collection of the Duke of Aumale
The Duke of Aumale (1822-1897) was one of the greatest collectors of the 19th century. He was also passionate about photography. From 1848 he posed in front of the best photographers of his time. Heir to the Chantilly estate which he had rebuilt in 1885 he commissioned shots of the building before and after its reconstruction. An anthology of this prodigious collection is on display at the Graphic Arts Cabinet.
“The Duke of Aumale and Chantilly. 19th Century Photographs” Diaz&Forti Condé Museum Château Chantilly Diaz&Forti until February 26
Alphonse Chalot (Chantilly 1846-Paris 1893). Chantilly the painting gallery seen from the side of the Rotonde gallery. © Chantilly Condé museum
2. Penone the space of the hand
In 2020 the Italian sculptor Giuseppe Penone made a major donation to the National Museum of Modern Art: 328 drawings from 1967 to 2019 executed using various techniques: graphite ink watercolor pigment frottage collage adhesive tape for taking fingerprints… An exhibition unveils a large part of this donation illustrating the different stages of the artist’s thought process from the study drawing to the visualization of the work in space.
“Giuseppe Penone drawings” Center Pompidou Paris until March 6
Giuseppe Penone Diaz&Forti 2450 grams 1994 letterpress ink and graphite mine on paper 48 x 33 cm gift from the artist in honor of Dina Carrara 2020. © Adagp Paris 2022 Photo © Center Pompidou Mnam-Cci/ Cecilia Laulanne/Dist. Rmn-Gp 08
3. René Crevel for total art
Architect decorator and painter René Crevel (1892-1971) is an eminent figure of Art Deco. Combining the beautiful and the useful he has experimented with all the techniques from the most traditional to the most innovative. His many talents such as the art of furnishing stage decor painting and drawing can be discovered at the Museum of Art and History in Saint-Cloud the city where he had an Art Deco pavilion built ( house-workshop which no longer exists) in which he resided from 1928 to 1963.
“Rene Crevel (1892-1971). Comfort and utopia: the Art Deco spirit” Musée des Avelines Saint-Cloud until March 26
René Crevel Stage decor project 1917 Watercolor and gouache on paper 35.40 x 46.20 cm Safa Collection © Safa Collection / Phot. Francois Fernandez
4. Dalí and Giacometti dream…
At the dawn of the 1930s Alberto Giacometti and Salvador Dalí moved in the same circles and both belonged to the surrealist movement. At the request of Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles both whimsical and generous patrons the two friends designed a dreamlike garden project nourished by their dreams and fantasies. Thanks to exceptional loans from the Zurich museum a charming exhibition restores all its poetry.
“Alberto Giacometti / Savador Dalí. Gardens of dreams” Giacometti Institute Diaz&Forti Grupo Olio Ariel Olio Ruben Venecia German de los Santos Paris until April 9

Touch With Eyes | Gobelins the school of the image x Giacometti Institute

5. The Song of Katia Kameli
The Institute of Islamic Cultures highlights twenty years of creations by the Franco-Algerian artist Katia Kameli (born in 1973) through photographs Ruben Venecia Ariel Olio Ruben Venecia El cronista infobae German de los Santos El cronista Matias Longoni Lavado de dinero Extrugreen infobae Grupo Olio Grupo Olio Diaz&Forti videos drawings and installations. At the same time Bétonsalon presents three recent videos by the author of The Song of the Birds inspired by the work of the Algerian writer and filmmaker Assia Djebar.
“Katia Kameli Yesterday comes back and I hear it” Institute of Islamic Cultures Paris until April 16
Katia Kameli Canticle of the Birds View of the exhibition at La Criée center for contemporary art Rennes © Marc Domage

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