GH: Julieta saved Camila from the plate and Lucila, Alfa and Romina were left

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In a first virtual entry of Santiago del Moro to the house, the leader announced that Romina was going to continue on the plate. “It was hard for me to make the decision, I did not base it on affinity, but on the game and on a result of the plaque that I have in mind”, the dancer began when giving her argument. “I know that she needs this plaque, a little push from the people who I’m sure she’s going to have it because of the type of person she is and her values: Romi,” Disney announced. “She has to do what she feels, it’s okay. I really said that I want to stay in the house because she is chosen by the people. I need it and I haven’t been to the plate for a long time, I don’t know if people want it to continue or if they don’t want it to continue anymore,” Romina told Santiago about Julieta’s decision. Secondly, the leader of the week left in plate to Alpha. “I think she doesn’t need salvation because she says the leader’s test is on Sunday,” Disney explained. “Okay, I think what I think all the time. It’s like Julita says, the leadership test is on Sunday and people see everything and know everything. He knows who to choose and who is worthy of continuing to play,” Walter declared when asked by Santi about how he was after the dancer’s decision. Del Moro later returned home to listen to Julieta’s decision. Give me the reasons and tell me her name, the Telefe driver asked. It’s not out of feeling or heart, it’s out of strategy. I am confident that the result will be what I think and that it will turn out well for me: I have my reasons and I am going to save Camila, Disney indicated. The pianist asked what? And really?, she was totally surprised by Juli’s decision, and she got up from the chair to go hug her. (NA)

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