‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is everything ‘Harry Potter’ fans want, but it is too ambitious, according to early reviews

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The most famous ‘Harry Potter’ video game is living up to its high expectations. Three days after its premiere, ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ has been released on Metacritic with an average score of 85 out of 100 according to criticism from the specialized media, which is full of praise. A few days ago, the media focused on video games had had access to an hour of gameplay and their comments indicated that ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ was on the right track, unanimously highlighting the magic combat system and the possibilities it offered. This idea is reinforced: Hobby Consolas guarantees that with a little ingenuity you can obtain amazing results [in combat]. I am convinced that the most skilled players are going to achieve crazy combinations that even the developers had not anticipated. But what critics have highlighted the most this time are the countless opportunities and options that the game offers, as well as its immense open world. IGN claims that ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ offers a wild amount of content, while IGN Portugal gives it a perfect score and describes it as a masterpiece. The level of customization ranges from designing rooms to brewing potions or raising animals. If you are fans of ‘Harry Potter’ and fans of interior design, this is for you, says Hobby Consolas, since both the Room of Requirement and the nursery are practically two other games within Hogwarts Legacy. The international press concurs, with Screen Rant stating that where the game really shines is in its beautiful recreation of Hogwarts and its surroundings. IGN Spain assures that the level of recreation of the universe is incredible, while Hobby Consolas admits that the feeling of being inside the Harry Potter universe is total. Game Rant writes that, while they feel the mission design could be improved, once players get hold of the broomstick and can explore the open world by flying it becomes almost impossible to leave the game. Despite being a traditional open world, it is one of the great wonders of the video game. There’s definitely a wow moment when players realize just how big the map really is, says Game Rant. On the other hand, ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ stands out for its level of interaction within this open world: puzzles, tests and mini-games, even to access countless collectibles. However, there is a catch to the ambitious vastness of the game: some aspects are therefore neglected. The French outlet MGG opines that ‘Hogwarts Legacy is so extensive and ambitious that sacrifices have been made. It’s not perfect in its finishes, but that’s not a penalty: it’s indeed the game all potterheads dreamed of, but it’s also too classic an RPG for those unfamiliar with the ‘Harry Potter’ universe. ‘. Most of the secondary missions of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ are nothing more than paperwork and the developers have clearly chosen to prioritize quantity over quality, Game Rant points out. By and for the fans, IGN Spain is clear: it is a gigantic love letter to one of the most beloved and relevant universes of youth literature, and one of the best games of the year. Hobby Consolas joins his words, stating that it is a true monument to the magical world of ‘Harry Potter’. The outlet highlights that the fans of the saga are the ones who will enjoy the game the most: If you are a fan or have ever been (as is my case), you are going to have a great time. Otherwise, it’s a good game, but it won’t have the same impact. ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is designed precisely to touch fans of the novels and movies, from the owl that delivers your letter to the settings recreated from the movies. Game Reactor exposes that almost everything it tackles does so in a brilliant, and it’s by far the adventure in the ‘Harry Potter’ universe that fans have been waiting for so long, while promising to be liked even by those who aren’t that familiar with the franchise. The Guardian, like others, does not share his opinion. The British medium is one of the most critical of the video game, rating it 3 out of 5 stars, considering that taking away the enthusiasm of the fans, the game is not so admirable, although it admits that they are magical moments [like riding a hippogriff] and the setting those who rescue it from mediocrity, but only if the wizarding world still has a spell on you. Another drawback: useless interactions Several critics also point out that one of the disadvantages of the game is the main character (you), since the interactions available to him are not really necessary: ​​Although we have choices in conversations, they rarely affect to the development of the missions or the story, says IGN Spain.’Hogwarts Legacy’ is a game that could have benefited from using a non-speaking protagonist, since the main character has no discernible personality and endlessly cutting dialogue (which was usually Yes, I agree or No, I disagree). with a few more words) would have lightened things up, writes Game Rant. In this way, it seems that one of the negative aspects of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is that, by including these decisions in social interactions at such a superfluous level, it only slows down the pace of the game, instead of achieving greater immersion.’Hogwarts Legacy ‘ arrives on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S this Friday, February 10, but from February 7 owners of the Deluxe Edition have early access. For other supports, we will have to wait a bit: the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be available from April 4, while the date for Nintendo Switch has been set for July 25.

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